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Completely Reliable, Extremely Talented

Hi all… it’s been 2.5 months now that I got operated by a full body Vaser liposelection and a tummy tuck … I am yet to pinch myself and wake up from my dreams and get into the reality of start believing that “It’s ME”. The results are “MAGICAL” I almost lost all my hope of looking into my early 20’s post my second delivery until I visited Dr Sameer and trust me am living my dream :)) … I want to share this with all those who visit this page … click on the SlideShare or box.net link below Dr. Sameer’s profile pic and check the results for yourself. I always wondered what cosmetic surgery got to do with? until I met Dr Sameer, and yes I met him a couple of times for consultation, not only that I even sent him sms’s at odd hours asking all sorts of queries. To my belief, he is one of the kinds of doctors who believe in patience and calmness to soothe his patients. I got all my answers with ease and perfect honesty, unlike many other business doctors who do operate but not for the benefit of patients but for their deep pockets. I had always been a plump and heavy woman seeking for life to look at me in an attractive way, until 6 weeks of my post operation, I achieved what I wanted. Dr Sameer and his team from “planet perfection and galaxy kind” (that’s what I call them) operated on me in his super speciality cosmetic surgery dedicated hospital with the most advanced treatment and post-surgery care. I highly recommend everyone thinking to look good without spending their lifetime in gyms and crash dieting to once consult him and see the difference for you. I have a flatter tummy than my 16 yr old sister and an awesome figure for a mommy of two. Thank you, Doc Sam, for being there always when I needed you most and giving me your patience every time I cried out for you. Dr Sameer – This is the best decision of my life I have ever taken and I truly thank you for everything. Beware of doctors splashing posh clinics and heavy budgeted advertisements attracting patients; instead, opt for a qualified cosmetic surgeon mumbai like Dr. Sameer.

Worth It

Over the past 10 years, I have felt very insecure and had to be very careful with what I wear due to scars from chicken pox and tattoo removals. The chicken pox scars were revised on Harley Street, London. The procedure did not turn out anywhere near as expected. The scars were revised many times over and ended up creating bigger scars than the original. This was a huge shock to me as the scars were supposed to be revised into a straight line. The reason was put down to my olive mixed race African/European skin-type (which I found out to be untrue later). I also had liposuction in Belgium which left me with lumps, uneven skin and incision scars. In addition, the liposuction did not make any noticeable impact on my body shape.
As a result of my past experience with cosmetic surgeries, I am highly sceptical and not very easily please when it comes to scar revision and liposuction. I came across the positive reviews and blogs on the doctor online whilst searching for solutions to correct/improve my scars and damages from the liposuction.
Sarah from Qatar

Highly Recommended

I am two months post my tummy tuck – all healed up and well into my normal routine of work and home since quite a while now and very pleased with my results. Just four weeks after my surgery I was on an 18-hour flight to New Zealand all by myself!
I believe Dr. Sameer is an extraordinary medical practitioner. He is an extremely skilful cosmetic surgeon thane who knows exactly what procedure is appropriate for a particular body type. During my first visit itself, I felt comfortable to discuss my issues and concerns. He gave me a realistic and detailed explanation of what I could expect from my surgery. There was no pressure to decide then and there. I took my time and after a series of e-mail conversations with him I made up my mind and believe me – this is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.
Dr. Sameer and his team have been simply marvellous. He took all precaution to address my health issues pre-op. I could see the results of my surgery on the second day itself. The postoperative care was par excellence. His patients’ comfort is of utmost importance to him and he goes the extra mile to put you at ease. He was very approachable even after I was discharged from the hospital. I saw his astronomical amount of patience as no question of mine went unanswered.

Very Satisfied

“Dr. Sameer is a person, with a lot of integrity towards his work and his patients. His knowledge about cosmetic surgery and hair treatments has helped me positively. He has an appreciable trait of making his patients comfortable and providing them with the most honest and positive responses.”

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Sameer Karkhanis, MD ( India Plastic Surgeon )
Dr. SAMEER KARKHANIS, Chief Plastic Surgeon & the Director at CCRS is a qualified Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is Board Certified, with the qualification of DNB Plastic Surgery (Diplomate of National Board). He is an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is also featured as a Top Doctor on Realself.com, the world’s largest online community & resource for cosmetic surgery patients.
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