Our Cosmetic and Reconstructive Centre

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Our Mission

“We believe in providing the optimum care to restore health, renew confidence & enhance beauty one patient at a time.”

Our Values

  1. To serve the needs of our patients in a practical and sensitive way.
  2. To recognize their concerns & deliver personalized attention.
  3. To convey an understanding of procedures and outcomes.
  4. To restore health and well-being, using the best practice, in a safe and caring environment.
  5. To respect & maintain strictest client confidentiality.

About CCRS Centre

The Karkhanis family from Thane has a long history of doctors starting with the (Late) Dr.Vasant Raghunath Karkhanis who was one of the first physicians in the city of Thane, and started practice in 1938. His sons, the (Late) Dr. Vijay Vasant Karkhanis (Surgeon), Dr.Arun Vasant Karkhanis (Physician),and daughter in law Dr.Rama Arun Karkhanis (Gynaecologist) carried the mantle from him, and continued to practice and serve the people of the city, based on the ideals set by him; those of Honesty, Dedication & Fortitude.

The Karkhanis Super Speciality is a culmination of the dreams and efforts of Dr. Arun V. Karkhanis & Dr.Rama A. Karkhanis, following careers spanning 3 decades in Thane, as highly respected medical professionals in their respective fields. The sole purpose of this hospital is to bring super speciality care to the residents of Thane and the neighbouring areas under one roof and to maintain an exclusivity of all the super specialties concerned; rarely seen in today’s practice.

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The Centre for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery at the Karkhanis Super Speciality Hospital is an exclusive modern surgical facility situated in the sprawling Soham Gardens Complex on the Ghodbunder Road which connects Thane to the Western Express Highway (THE MAP). The Centre is situated about 25 minutes from downtown Thane(Thane Station), and a 30 – 45 mins drive from the western suburbs of Mumbai with facilities for car parking and lift access.

The Centre, especially caters to surgical specialists in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Our dedicated facility is specifically designed to make every cosmetic surgery procedure more effective, more affordable and safer. Our team of surgeons, skilled nurses, and dedicated support staff are privileged to serve you in a unique, state-of-the-art operating complex. At our specialized centre we perform only cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery; both these fields of plastic surgery demand a very high level of ability, expertise, and super specialization. We do this for one, and one reason only: to offer YOU the highest level of expertise, care and comfort.

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Confidentiality is, of course paramount. At our centre, you will find our service to be quietly efficient and very discreet.