Belt Lipectomy

You feel wonderful after losing significant weight on your own or after bariatric surgery. Your friends and family say you look great, and you are certainly much healthier. However, when you look in the mirror, you may not feel that you have achieved all of your goals because loose, baggy skin remains on your lower body.
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This is a common experience among those individuals who have lost a great deal of weight. the appearance of the lower abdomen from front to back.

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Procedure :

Belt lipectomy or truncal body lift is a circumferential removal of loose hanging skin and fat from around the waist or “belt” line of an individual. It could be considered an extensive tummy tuck that continues around the sides to remove the loose “love handle” skin that continues onto the lower back.

The surgery typically begins with the patient in the prone position (belly down) and requires the body be turned onto the back once the initial posterior buttocks and lower back area surgery is completed so that the stomach or abdominal area “tummy tuck” can be performed which completes the “belt” lipectomy.

Duration & anaesthesia

The procedure is done usually under general anaesthesia and takes 4-6 hours.Typically the surgery is done under general anesthesia.

Side Effects& Risks

Risks of surgery are the same as with conventional abdominoplasty.Breakdown of the suture line above the buttocks (because of patient’s tendency to bend at the waist when performing normal hygiene which strains the suture closure pulling it apart). This usually leads to a wider scar in the posterior surgical area. Some numbness of the area above and sometimes below the incisions, residual looseness and irregularity of the skin, and all the usual common side effects of any surgical procedure.


You may feel discomfort after surgery, but any pain can be controlled with medication which may be required for 5-14 days. You are asked to rest for the first 2-4 weeks after surgery until swelling has subsided.The areas lifted can be bruised, swollen and sore after surgery and this can last for a month or more.

Bandages will be removed in 2-4 days, but a surgical compression garment may be worn post-procedure to help support the muscle tightening. After your Body Lift is completed, dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions. A small, thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect, but these will be removed in 5-10 days. It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion, or motion during the time of healing.

Most patients feel presentable in a bathing suit within 6-8 weeks; however, be certain to wear sunscreen (SPF 15-40) for at least one year on any scars that may be exposed to sun.

You will start feeling comfortable to go out in public in 1-2 weeks.If you are returning to work, you will be physically able in about 2 weeks. Exercise: You are instructed not to participate in strenuous activities for 6-8 weeks after the procedure.Driving may be resumed in two weeks.

Your New Look

The results of a Body Lift are instantaneous, but the final result will not be seen until swelling has reduced and the patient has healed.
Results are typically very gratifying.The advantage to this extensive removal of skin is that the looseness above the buttocks is removed which has the effect of lifting the buttocks as well. Sometimes the fat in this area is used to augment the buttocks during belt lipectomy, restoring the flattened buttocks to a more youthful and projecting shape.


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