Vaser Liposelection

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pop a pill or apply a cream and the next day, your body would have perfect shape and contour? Unfortunately, you’ll need to keep wishing for that kind of miracle treatment.

Most of our patients are stopping their “wishful shrinking” and taking action with VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) liposelection Mumbai, a surgical technique that uses 3rd generation internal ultrasound technology that artfully, selectively and permanently contours the body into a more proportioned, smoother shape without compromising your comfort and safety.

“VASER liposelection Mumbai is a body contouring procedure & should not be considered as a treatment for obesity, or a substitute for proper diet and exercise.”

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The VASER Liposuction in India Advantage

Currently, liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure with hundreds & thousands of people are opting for this surgery each year, but now many are looking for safer, less painful alternatives to traditional liposuction. VASER Lipo, or LipoSelection, is an advanced body contouring & tissue-selective sculpting procedure, that selectively removes unwanted body fat while preserving other important tissues like blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. In a recent survey, surgeons using VASER Lipo reported the following procedure benefits:

  • Minimal avulsion (damage) to the tissue matrix
  • Precise body sculpting and feathering
  • Smooth contours in all body areas
  • Improved skin retraction
  • Reduced number of re-treatments
  • Minimal post operative pain, swelling and bruising
  • Fast patient recovery

VASER technology vs. Other technology …. a cut above the rest

Only the VASER Lipo System uses proprietary VASER Technology to selectively pre-treat the fat prior to removal and promote smooth, predictable results with a wide range of body contouring applications. It is clearly a step above all the rest, compare for yourself.


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Anaesthesia & Stay

The duration of the procedure varies considerably (1 – 4 hrs.) depending on the extent of the procedure, the number of areas to be treated etc. Smaller procedures can be done under local anaesthesia with sedation, major ones require regional or general anaesthesia. Usually, daycare is required however overnight stay is recommended in large volume liposuctions or if combined with another procedure.

Candidates for VASER

Am I Good Candidate for Liposelection

Most people are actually good candidates for liposelection mumbai. A good candidate for liposelection must have realistic expectations about what the procedure can and cannot do for them. An ideal candidate for liposelection navi mumbai thane can be summarised as one who is:

  • in good health
  • with a good diet & exercise regime within 15 – 20 kgs 30 – 45 lbs. of his or her ideal weight
  • has firm & elastic skin
  • does not have significant medical problems such as diabetes, heart or lung disease, or poor circulation, does not smoke

What can be treated by VASER Lipo? Is Liposuction safe?

The neck (double chin), the arms, the abdomen, the flanks (“love handles”), the back, the buttocks, the thighs can all be treated by liposuction. In males, it is the treatment of choice in gynecomastia mumbai (for male breast reduction mumbai). Yes liposuction is safe in mumbai, navi mumbai or thane.


The VASER Lipo mumbai System uses small-diameter, solid probes to deliver a minimal level of ultrasonic vibrating energy to specifically target and emulsify—or “liquefy”—the fatty component of the tissue. Fatty tissue is comprised of large, weak fat cells that either break down or get dislodged from their supporting tissues by contact with the ultrasonic VASER probe.

By liquefying the fatty tissue prior to removal, aspiration can be performed with less avulsion (less tearing of the tissues). The VASER Lipo procedure does not utilize standard Liposuction in India cannulas to remove the emulsified tissues and fluids, instead, it uses specially designed aspiration cannulae, called VentX® Cannulae, which efficiently remove the emulsified fluids thereby preserving the tissue matrix (the blood vessels & nerves) from damage.

1. The fatty layer is infused with tumescent fluid.

2. The high-frequency vibration of VASER ultrasonic probes causes the fat cells to break apart and emulsify into the infusion fluid.

3. Emulsified fat is easily removed via specially designed VentX Suction Cannulae or massage.

4. Remodelling and revascularization of the preserved tissue promote skin retraction.

VASER Hi-Def – High Definition Body Sculpting

VASER ® – Assisted High Definition LipoSelection, or VASER Hi Def™ is an advanced body sculpting technique. The procedure creates a sculpted, athletic appearance in males and females by precisely removing both superficial and deep fat around muscle groups in order to enhance the visibility of the underlying musculature. Similar to 3-dimensional sculpting, VASER Hi Def takes into account the shape and form of structures underneath the skin that create body contours.

VASER Hi Def is performed using the VASER Lipo System to selectively sculpt and remove fat in the desired treatment area.

VASER Hi Def is designed to be a sculpting procedure rather than a debulking technique. Therefore, the procedure is intended for generally fit men and women who have good muscle tone without excessive amounts of fat or excess skin. The typical patient maintains a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise but is unable to achieve the desired definition.

Post Op Recovery

Mild to moderate pain, especially in the first 48 hours can be treated with analgesics. The small incisions are left open temporarily so that fluids and residual fatty deposits can empty through an inserted drain. Swelling, soreness, numbness, bruising usually last for 4 – 5 days. There will be a leak of the anesthetic fluid through the incisions in the first 48 hours during which a change of the dressings is required. The shower is allowed after 48 hours. You will have to wear pressure garments for a few weeks following the surgery. You should start walking around as soon as possible to reduce swelling. You should be back at work within a few days following your surgery.


One can reduce the risk of complications by closely following our instructions before and after the surgery, especially with regard to when and how you should resume physical activity. Some of the complications that can occur are collection of fluid under the skin (seromas) & blood clots. Residual seromas may have to be aspirated. Because LipoSelection® minimizes damage to other body tissues, patients typically experience less pain and fewer side effects than with other forms of ultrasound liposuction. Serious ultrasound liposuction complications are quite rare. Fat clots or blood clots may form. You might develop paresthesias (needle & pins sensations) which might persist for some time.

Your New Look

Improvement will become even more apparent after about 4 to 6 weeks when most of the swelling has subsided and after about 3 months, the final contour will be visible. If your expectations are realistic, you will probably be very pleased with the results of your surgery. You may find you are more comfortable in a wide variety of clothes and more at ease with your body.