Head and Neck Reconstruction

Reconstruction of head and neck wounds due to surgical resection for cancer or head and neck trauma creates numerous challenges for the Plastic Surgeon.
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The complex anatomy of the head and neck area involves several functional mechanisms involved in:

  • Speech
  • Swallowing
  • Sensation
  • Oral continence
  • Airway protection
  • Facial expression

The goal of reconstruction is to preserve and protect all these mechanisms as much as possible while obtaining reasonable restoration of function and reconstruction of form.

Head & Neck Reconstruction requires simultaneous mastery in diverse areas such as Facial Aesthetics, Microvascular Surgery, General reconstruction & Maxillofacial surgery. Reconstructive techniques depend on the nature of the defect & can be simple procedures like scar revision or placement of a skin graft. With more advanced cancers, local or regional tissues may be used for reconstruction. Skin and muscle can be moved from the chest or back to reconstruct the cheeks, tongue or pharynx.

Both surgeons at the KSSH have a special interest in Head & Neck Reconstruction & have worked at premier Oncologic units in the country to gain experience in this subspeciality. Dr Karkhanis & Dr Methil have both undertaken Microvascular fellowships & can perform free tissue transfer, which involves transplanting living tissue from one region of the patient’s body to another. These tissues may include skin, muscle, and bone either separately or in concert, which permits a more sophisticated approach to restoring defects caused by cancer surgery, trauma, or congenital problems.

Recreation of Form & Function is a constant unending pursuit at KSSH. Each patient is assessed & a plan is formulated which is individualized/tailor made for every patient. All aspects of the reconstruction will be discussed at the consultation & all your queries answered.

We look forward to serving our patients in a manner that makes it the best care, anywhere.

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