The website is used to communicate information about the proposed surgical treatment of a disease or condition along with disclosure of risks and alternative forms of treatment(s). The process attempts to define principles of risk disclosure that should generally meet the needs of most patients in most circumstances.

However, the information on this website should not be considered all-inclusive in defining other methods of care and risks encountered. We provide you with additional or different information which is based on all the facts in your particular case and the state of medical knowledge.

The information on this website is not intended to define or serve as the standard of medical care. Standards of medical care are determined on the basis of all of the facts involved in an individual case and are subject to change as scientific knowledge and technology advance and as practice patterns evolve.

We would like to remind you that all cosmetic surgery carries a risk, has limitations which could include disappointment with the results. You should agree about the anticipated outcome of your surgery and concur about your expectations of the results. You should discuss alternative treatments and thoroughly understand the risk of the procedures

It is important that you read the above information carefully and have all of your questions answered before signing the consent.



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