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Are you a candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

A good population of man suffers from a condition called gynecomastia. In this condition, the male breast tissues get enlarged leading to women like heavy breasts. Though, this condition isn’t very uncommon but it can be really devastating to the one suffering from it. He may feel embarrassed and loose his self confidence while making undue attempts of ignoring public encounters.

While gynecomastia is generally a benign condition, the psychological impact that it has on patient’s life is worth considering. It can develop from multiple reasons across various age groups ranging from newborns, teenagers, and adult men. The major reason behind this condition continues to be hormonal imbalances where estrogen exceeds way too much and starts giving women-like symptoms to men. It is often associated even with use of certain medicines like steroids, ulcer medicine, anti-anxiety tablets, chemotherapy drugs etc and certain medical conditions like lung cancer, thyroid, liver cancer etc.

Fortunately, there are ways possible to reduce the size of breasts in man and restore a manly physique. So, you don’t have to worry about all those awkward stares anymore, just pay the breast reduction surgery cost in Mumbai and stop living the awkward life that you have had been living.

But, before one considers the option of getting these tissue glands surgically removed, he has to assess if he is even a good candidate for this surgery.

Candidate for male breast reduction surgery

Not every male with enlarged breasts is a candidate for gynecomastia surgery. You have to let the top plastic surgeons in Mumbai evaluate you and then only can they give a definite answer. Below are some of the characteristics of a candidate of this surgery.

  • One or both sides of your chest has enlarged male breast tissues.
  • Normal body weight
  • Feeling physical or psychological discomfort from oversized breasts
  • Looking to restore better body contour and have manly appearance
  • Mentally and physically healthy
  • Importantly, your breast development has stabilized. Most of the doctors recommend waiting till the patient hits puberty, as pubertal gynecomastia can resolve by itself over time.
  • Not taking any such medicine that are known to increase gynecomastia
  • Your condition has lasted for more than a year; one must give time to let the body restore its contour naturally.
  • You have been wearing tight and body-fit undergarments to disguise the appearance of enlarged breasts.
  • You have been avoiding all types of public gathering to save yourself from awkward glares and has been feeling mentally tortured by this condition.
  • Good skin elasticity so that it can reshape post surgery
  • Emotionally stable and are ready to tackle the post surgery outcomes
  • Already tried natural methods like dieting and exercise routines
  • You should not smoke, if you do you should quit several weeks before the surgery. This is because nicotine affects blood coagulation and might affect the healing process.
  • Shouldn’t be suffering from a life threatening medical condition (uncontrolled diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc) as it may affect the recovery. Plus, there are chances that your condition might get worse due to breast reduction surgery stress.
  • Should have realistic expectations and should be ready to live without those extra breast tissue glands. All of this is established during consultation.


If you feel that you fall under this criteria, elect a board certified plastic surgeon and share your problem with him to know his opinion over the matter. It is important to consult a surgeon who has extensive training and thorough knowledge as it will minimize the risks involved in the surgery.

This condition might be little talked about but is widely apparent. Hence, it is necessary that male suffering from the condition become more open about it and take issues under their hands before it’s too late.

Luckily, gynecomastia is not all that harmful and can be easily removed through surgery that yields a good success rate. So, remember, only you can change the way things are. If you are embarrassed due to this situation, let the doctors help you and get you effective treatment that would fill you up with a new confidence to get out n public and face the world with pride.


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