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Women are now willingly moving under the knife to enhance their physical appearance. They often wish to reduce their inappropriately sized breasts into a compact size, whereas others with small breasts may undergo an augmentation to increase the size of their breasts and bring a sensuous appearance. But apart from this, there are women who are bothered about their indifferent breast sizes. Well, 99 percent of women have asymmetric breasts but in some cases, there is significant asymmetry where the difference ranges up to a full cup size or more.

Breast asymmetry does not affect women physically but it can cause a considerable amount of social embarrassment. In fact, these women start restricting themselves to certain activities like swimming or intimacy just to mask their condition. Most importantly, the differences between the breasts are sometimes difficult to camouflage even underneath clothing. Such a phenomenon is first noticed during the teenage years and which then continues to develop with maturity. Breast asymmetry can also be the result of tuberous breasts.


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For women experiencing issues with asymmetrical breasts, This procedure can result in an improved breast size and shape. Correcting such a condition, not only provides an improved breast contour but also gives a better fit in clothing across the bosom giving a comfortable and satisfying appearance. Asymmetric breasts make one feel self-conscious about their physical appearances and contouring them escalates their self-esteem and confidence and therefore, they can enjoy a quality life.

  • There are a number of techniques that may be used to correct breast asymmetry. Surgicaloptions treat one or both the breasts to bring a proportionate appearance by undergoing breast augmentation using an implant or breast reduction.Breast Augmentation using implant- Breast asymmetry can be rectified with breast augmentation using an implant. The surgeon usually makes incisions in inconspicuous areas depending on the size of the implant used and the degree of fullness required, either in one or both the breasts.Usually, the surgeons make incisions either around the areolar edge along the breast fold or under the armpit. The silicone gel implants are placed above or under the pectoral muscles to highlight the augmentation of the   However, at the end of the procedure, the incisions are sutured up and held with a bandage or adhesive tape. The results are almost visible immediately.
  • Breast Reduction- Often asymmetric breasts may be corrected with breast reduction. For reduction of the breasts, liposuction may also be useful and beneficial since it is a least invasive procedure and includes no scars. However, breast reduction can also be performed with tissue excision that incurs administering general anesthesia and then making incisions. Through this incision, the extra-glandular tissues are excised out to bring it in proportion to the other breast. At the end of the procedure, the incisions are sutured up. But the procedure may leave visible scarring that will fade away with time. The incisions are then covered with bandages until recovery.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon usually examines the breast condition and determines their physical conditions like the quality of skin and the degree of asymmetry. The medical history of the candidate is also reviewed to determine factors that may affect the surgery, such as hormonal and weight fluctuations, pregnancy, etc. The surgeon will also discuss what would be the best procedure and anesthestic option for the candidate. Patients may also be instructed to restrict certain medications, herbal supplements, contraceptive peels or other anti-inflammatory medications to avoid potential complications during the procedure. The type of anesthesia that would be used will be discussed during the consultation. The surgery procedure makes take up to 2-4 hours.

After undergoing the procedure, the patient will feel some pain, bruising that may be minimised with surgeon’s prescribed medications. The patient can go back to home the next day after the surgery when they feel fine.

The results produced from these corrective procedures are not permanent rather they are long-lasting. This is because the installed silicone implants must be changed after every ten years to avoid the chances of certain risks like infection, blood contamination or even cancer. The patients are also advised to get a mammogram test every year to make sure the condition of the implants. Other surgical temporary complications may involve infections, displacement of the implants, hematoma, seroma, even worse asymmetry, etc. To avoid such circumstances, following the instructions provided by the surgeon is very important.

As with any surgical procedure, a breast asymmetry correction surgery will definitely include an adequate amount of rest and recuperation. After undergoing either of the procedures, a support bandage or compression garment are used by the surgeon for recovery. The surgeon may also provide some medications for pain and some antibiotics to ensure the comfort and speedy recovery of the patient. Though the recovery speed may vary from individual to individual, following the instructions provided by the surgeon is very important. The non-dissolvable sutures are removed during the post-op days, during the follow-up appointment, but for dissolvable sutures it usually not required.

The patients are strongly instructed to avoid strenuous activities until they completely heal, typically within four to six weeks. Though they can resume their work, light activities, and office after a week if they feel fine. Smokers are asked to quit smoking both before and after the procedure to encourage a speedy recovery.

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Q Will the breast look perfect after the surgery?

The surgeons will always try to achieve maximum improvement and reduce the degree of asymmetry. But achieving complete perfection may not be possible.

QWhat type of anesthesiais used?

Usually, general anesthesia is administered to the patients undergoing any breast surgery. However, the surgeon will discuss all of these issues with the patient at the time of consultation.

QHow long will the procedure take?

The procedure usually takes 2 to 4 hours for its completion, approximately.

QDoes it include scaring?

Yes, it does include scarring but the surgeons typically perform the incisions at inconspicuous areas or within the natural body creases. Therefore, the scarring will not be prominent and they usually fade away with time.

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