Breast lift addresses saggy and uneven breasts and decreased breast volume which has droopy nipples and stretched areola. Undergoing a breast lift surgery will definitely restore the youthfulness and rejuvenating appearance of the candidate by giving a fuller and perkier breast. The breast lift procedure is commonly known as mastopexy that includes repositioning the nipples on the higher chest wall. This procedure can be undergone at any age after the breasts have developed completely. A breast lift will however not affect breastfeeding and thus, can be undergone both before and after pregnancy.

The breast lift procedure raises the breasts by removing the excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues to reshape the new breast contour. Such surgical procedure can effectively rejuvenate the appearance with a breast profile that can give you a more youthful and secure bosom. Women may need to undergo such a procedure because with age the body undergoes several changes like pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, gravity, heredity, etc. So to counteract such changes, women can undergo such procedure.

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  • Women following a breast lift surgery will achieve a much more improved breast shape, projection, and symmetry
  • The restoration of the breast shape and size will give a youthful and rejuvenating appearance
  • A firm shaped breast can provide a better fit into clothes which improve confidence and self-esteem

The breast lift procedure is performed either under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation whichever the surgeon considers best. There are various techniques that may be used for the removal of breast skin and tissues. The breasts are reshaped to determine the location of the incisions and scars. The surgeon will choose a technique depending on the shape and size of your breasts, areolar size and position, degree of sagging breasts, skin quality and the amount of extra skin.

The procedure begins with removing the excess breast skin and repositioning the nipple and the areola to a higher position. The areola can be stretched and reduced in size with this procedure. Incisions may also be made around the areola and then vertically down from the breast crease and also horizontally along the breast crease. Finally, at the end of the procedure, the excess skin is removed and then the incisions are closed. The scars are however hidden under the breasts though some scarring may be observable. The final results will be visible immediately after the surgery.

Immediately after undergoing the procedure the incisions are kept covered with dressings or bandages that may be applied at the incisions after the completion of the procedure. The surgeon will provide the candidates with an elastic bandage or supporting bra to minimize the swelling and provide support to the breasts. A thin tube may also be temporarily placed under the skin to facilitate the drainage of any excess blood or fluid that may be collected. The patient can resume their normal activities within a week and strenuous exercises within few weeks or as your surgeon suggest because the recovery speed may vary from person to person.

  • The results obtained from a breast lift is not permanent rather long lasting
  • This surgical procedure may leave a scar though that can be hidden below the clothing which will also fade away with time
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding and time can compromise the results

After the initial consultation of the patients the surgeon discuses every single detail with the surgeon including the type of anesthesia and techniques to be used. The surgeon may also restrict the intake of certain medications that may cause complications. Candidates who smoke are instructed to quit smoking two weeks before and after undergoing the procedure.

Immediately after undergoing the procedure the surgeon administers the candidate with general anesthesia. After undergoing the procedure the candidates will definitely experience some pain, bruising and swelling which can be resolved with some medications. The incisions are covered and supported with elastic bandages or bras. Patients can return back home if they feel fine and if their surgeons permit.


Procedure FAQs

Q Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

A good candidate will be someone with droopy breasts, and who is in a good physical and mental condition.

Q What are the risks associated with the procedure?

Like any other cosmetic procedures, a breast lift surgery may consist of certain side effects including infections, negative reaction to anesthesia, scarring, uneven nipples, etc.

QAre the results permanent?

No, the results obtained are not permanent but are long-lasting because with age, time and gravity the breasts tend to become saggy and loose.

QDoes it involve scarring?

Yes, it does include scarring to some extent but surgeons position the incisions in such areas that it may not be visible. The scarring will decrease with time.

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Chief Plastic Surgeon & the Director at CCRS is a qualified Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is Board Certified, with the qualification of DNB Plastic Surgery (Diplomate of National Board). He is an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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