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Why are breast surgeries done: Purpose

Breast surgery is a cosmetic surgery which are the terms for the breast implant and fat-graft mammoplasty used for increasing the size, change the shape or alter the shape of the breast of a woman. Breast surgery is also done to cure cancer of any infection in the breast tissues.

Breast surgery is mainly divided into three categories that are breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. The Different woman has difficult requirements of breast surgery depending upon your requirement the surgeon undertake one of the three surgeries. The breast-lift surgery is the fourth one which is also opted by some of the women. Let us know in detail about these surgeries.

  • Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is opted by the women for various purposes. Some women think that their breasts are small in compared to their body contour. Most of the woman chooses breast augmentation soon after lactation when they feel their breast have become small. The other important reason to go for a breast augmentation is to correct the asymmetry in the size of the breast.

In breast augmentation, silicone and saline implants are used in the surgery which is placed under the pectoralis chest muscle. The breast implant needs incisions which is placed either in axilla, areola or lower breast. The incisions may leave scars but it fades with time.

By this surgery, a woman can enhance the aspect, size, and contour of their breast. As with any cosmetic surgery, there are risk factors associated with breast augmentation. It is preferable to choose a certified doctor who is well trained and experienced. Breast augmentation Mumbai has the best surgeon and helped women to get their desired appearance, size, and contour of their breast.

  • Breast reduction

When a woman has an enlarged breast she may suffer from various problems:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Weakness

The heavy breast size makes a woman feel discomfort, numbness, and lack of confidence. If you are the one facing such problem then breast reduction is the best option. It helps to reduce the breast weight by elimination the fats, excess skin, and the breast tissues.

After the breast reduction surgery, a woman may lose the ability to breastfeed and also have extensive scarring, lumpiness, reduced breast volume but it is helpful if causing too much discomfort. The woman get tremendous help by breast reduction as all the related problems due to the heavy breast are resolved by the surgery and can have relief from the neck and back pain too.

  • Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is related to recreating a breast as per the desired aspect, contour and size. Recreating a breast is it so easy?

With help of implant, the breast reconstruction is done and the nipple-areola component is also reconstructed. It can also be done with the own skin tissues of a woman. For autologous (using own tissue) the tissues can be used from the back muscle or the fats from the buttocks. The surgery is safe but again just like in breast reduction the ability to breastfeed is lost due to the severe damage or removal of the sensory nerves or milk glands.

The breast reconstruction is another ideal option when a woman is suffering from breast cancer. It is said to be the best treatment for a breast cancer and in some cases, if needed the full breast is removed if it can totally be infected. A routine check-up of the breast is necessary after reconstruction for the surgeon to keep examine the surgery.

  • Breast Lift

Another purpose for a breast surgery is for a breast lift (Mastopexy). There are some women in which their skin is not strong enough to hold the weight of the breast and thus the breast sag which doesn’t look good. This is where the need of breast-lift arises where the lower skin is more than the breast tissue. The condition is known as ptosis.

The breast-lift surgery mainly removes the excess skin causing the breast to sag. In a breast lift, there is a danger of permanent scarring but with timely use of some skin creams, it can fade.

A woman always wants to look beautiful and wish to have a good body contour. Don’t let your breast make you feel upset if they are not in shape or have a bad appearance. Breast surgery surely helps a woman to have a well-shaped, well-sized and contour breast, just you need a good surgeon to handle your case. Top plastic surgeons in Mumbai give you the best results and

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