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Breast surgery: An overview

Many women choose the option of breast surgery to enhance their body contour by changing its appearance and size. It is the best option for the woman who thinks their breast is small and need augmentation or a woman after pregnancy who thinks that her breasts have changed or there can be other reasons as well.

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery that helps women to have their desired breast contour making them feel more confident and have a beautiful look. Today, it is undertaken by many women and has proved to be extremely effective. The fat-graft is helpful to alter the texture of the breast of a woman. When you feel uncomfortable with a small or an enlarged breast, breast surgery will surely help you.

Breast surgery procedure

It is very important to think before taking the final decision about breast surgery. As it is a cosmetic surgery and does involve some risks and complications. For this, you should be in a safe hand. Breast augmentation Mumbai has well trained and experienced doctors who help you and guide you towards the breast surgery procedure.

The breast implant surgery is performed with the help of general anesthesia. The next steps involved in the surgery are:

  • Below your breast or side to it, an incision is made as per the suitable position and the purpose.
  • For positioning the implant is carried out either between the breast tissue and chest muscle or at the back of your chest muscle again as per the requirement.
  • The final step is to close the incision and cover it up with a dressing.

Sounds much easy but takes about 60 to 90 minutes for the operation to be performed as the incision, implant,and stitches should be done with minute details to leave fewer scars. Also, it is preferable to stay in the hospital for a night for the surgeon to examine the surgery. Painkillers are given if the patient experience pain or discomfort after the surgery.

Types of implantation

The overall augmentation of the breast hemisphere can be done by undertaking the breast implantation filled with silicone gel or saline solution. Most commonly silicone gel is used but saline solutions are also available as per the need and the skin of the patient. Your surgeon should tell you which type of implement is best for you that gives you the desired symmetry to your breast.

  • Silicon-filled augmentation

When we talk about silicon augmentation two types of the gel can be used: soft or firm silicone gel. The soft gel gives a natural touch and gentle skin while there is a danger of soft silicon to spread under the breast and cause siliconomas. Therefore, through the firm gel, though the touch is not that smooth but it is safe. The silicon augmentation ma causes a little skin reaction.

  • Saline-filled augmentation

The saline breast implant is one in which sterile salt water is used. The procedure is simple and secured. The saline implant is inserted empty and then filled with salt water once the surgeon places it in the right place. The saline solution is either reduced by absorbing in your body or it may also pass out of your body. The surgeons found it best for a woman undergoing augmentation of 18 years old and for a woman who has chosen the option of breast reconstruction.

The saline solution gives wrinkles and folding of the breast skin which is not seen silicon augmentation. And less natural textural is seen as compared to silicon soft gel.The implantation has the different amount of width and fills volumes. The surgeon selects the best implant for every breast that stays stiff in its place. The aim is to achieve the specific goals of the patient.

Recovery from surgery

  • It takes about a few weeks to recover from breast surgery. The surgeons will ask you to take off until the surgery recovers and also it is preferable not to drive at least for one week.
  • Wear sports bra for 3 months after the surgery that too for 24 hours
  • Heavy workouts and lifting huge weights should be avoided for at least a month
  • Be sure your scars are safe from sunlight
  • Within six months you can continue your normal activities
  • You should avoid smoking

Side effects and risk

  • Temporary pain
  • Tenderness
  • Tight feeling in chest muscles

Top plastic surgeons in Mumbai help you to have the best result for your breast surgery. No more worries about your breast contour. Girls and beautiful woman go for a breast surgery and experience a change.


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