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Can diet/exercise be an alternative to liposuction surgery?

A lot of people mistakenly believe that liposuction is nothing but a weight loss surgery and the same results that it yields can be obtained through simple diet and exercise too. Well, this indeed is a misconception; the truth of the matter is that regular exercise and following a healthy lifestyle can augment the result of liposuction but they can’t be taken interchangeable with liposuction.

To understand how they complement each other and how their results are totally different, it will be better to take up each one of them individually and understand their pros and limitations one by one.

Diet and exercise

Following a healthy lifestyle by keeping a tight check on one’s calories intake and regular exercise is a traditional way to keeping one’s body fit and healthy. Our bode uses up the stored fat and eliminate it when the activity level increases and we start to burn more calorie than we take in. This activity level can be increased through exercise and daily work out to increase body’s longevity.

It is not only necessary for our physical and mental health but is also a pre-requisite for liposuction or any other plastic surgery. One of the primary demands of liposuction is that one should be in a good weight range i.e. around 10-15 pounds from the desired goal. This increases the chances of liposuction fetching you good results and quick healing after the surgery.

Moreover, regular exercise can only target visceral fat that wraps around our inner organs and is mostly associated with diabetes and other health and weight gain problems. The other type of fat; subcutaneous fat is resistant to exercise and diet. Accumulated fat on stomach, upper arms, back, thighs etc are all examples of subcutaneous fat. Though benign, it can make one look extremely unattractive and the person may feel frustrated at times. And the best way to target such fat is through liposuction.


A common notion prevailing amongst people is that liposuction surgery results can be easily obtained through exercises and diet routine too. However one should always remember that body contouring procedures like liposuction are not at all an alternative to traditional weight loss techniques because the goals of the two are totally different.

Liposuction is not a fast way to get fit and healthy. Instead, as already said, it helps one to get rid of stubborn subcutaneous fat that is visible on upper arm, chin, neck, hips, thighs and torso. Liposuction can provide a better contour to these trouble spots by removing fat from unsightly bulges by slimming it down. Hence, it is not a weight loss technique but is used to provide a final polish to your already healthy body. So, make sure to continue with your exercise and healthy lifestyle if you wish for your surgery results to last longer.

Liposuction is a good choice for all those people who are already healthy and fit yet continue to struggle with some unsightly bulges that resist going away. Moreover, our genetics decide where the fat would accumulate on our body, so unwanted fat is normally inevitable. In such situations, liposuction surgery in Mumbai seems to be the last and the only resort.

Most importantly, let us not forget that however high the success rates be liposuction is still a surgery that involves anesthesia, incisions and other risks. It is definitely not a cake walk which is why your surgeon will definitely advise you to be in a good shape before you opt for it.

Is liposuction required?

You must have now understood that exercise and liposuction surgery fulfill two different requirement and may have started wondering if it is even required. So, remember that healthy lifestyle holds its own value but body contouring through lipo is the only way to complement your weight loss. Liposuction fetches you the results where exercise and diet plans fall short. So, showcase the results of your hard-earned exercise routine by removing those unsightly bulges that are putting you off each time you are about to wear your favorite dress. So, get slim and flaunt that firmer and slimmer physique to stand tall within your peer group.


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