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Are man boobs embarrassing you? Gynecomastia can help!

It can be anyone a boy, an adult or a child where Gynecomastia is affecting their life.

What is exactly Gynecomastia?

It is swelling of the breast tissue caused due to the contrast of estrogen and testosterone hormones. Gynecomastia sometimes affects only one breast and in most cases, both the breasts are affected.

Gynecomastia is not a serious disease but a serious thing to take in consideration as it makes you feel embarrassed between people and it changes your body contour as well. In a few patients, Gynecomastia may get reduced on its own but if not then you need medication or a surgery.

In a human body, the hormones estrogen and testosterone decide the sex characteristics of man and woman. estrogen controls the female traits and testosterone control the male traits. Though estrogen is said to be a female hormone, the man also produces it in some quantity, when this small quantity increases due to an imbalance Gynecomastia appears to happen. You can see the following symptoms

  • Breast tenderness
  • Swollen gland tissues
  • Nipple discharge
  • Pain

Dear man, when you see such symptoms immediately contact a doctor to take the right step and help yourself from getting embarrassed due to an enlarged breast.

Gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia can be cured by flattering the chest area and removing the fat with the help of a surgery. The surgery is simple and secured and leaves very fewer scars. The surgery mainly includes three types of techniques as per the form of Gynecomastia the patient is suffering from. The incisions are made on areola and chest skin which in most of the cases meet and causes less trouble. All you need is a surgeon who is well trained and experienced to give you the best result. Breast surgeon in Mumbai have improved the lives of many male personalities and built their confidence again with a healthy body contour.

After a deep observation when initial treatment is not proved curable, your surgeon will suggest you for a Gynecomastia surgery which takes about three to four hours. You have to stay in the hospital for some period of time as you have the effect of anesthesia given for the surgery. You don’t have to get hospitalized in Gynecomastia surgery thus you don’t need to worry much about it.

Surgeries involved in Gynecomastia

  • Liposuction

You can drastically improve your enlarged fat filled breast with the help of liposuction and get a catchy appearance as you had before. Liposuction complements the Gynecomastia surgery to improve the swollen area of your breast. The swollen area gets reduced and the symptoms of tenderness and pain all get reduced with time.

  • Mastectomy

Where liposuction removes the fat, it does not remove the breast gland tissue. Mastectomy does not remove the fat but it is performed to remove the gland tissue giving more contouring structure. The surgery is done in small incisions and also said endoscopic surgery. As it is a small surgery and includes small incisions it takes less recovery time.

Whether to perform a liposuction or mastectomy or both you should discuss with your doctor to know the best option. Breast reduction surgery cost in Mumbai is less and affordable to help you out. Without worrying about the cost you can take the step Gynecomastia surgery.

Recovery from the surgery

When you give a thought to the recovery, it is almost immediate. You can start your daily activities after one day rest. The stitches given during incision are dissolved naturally, again making it an easy procedure.

Precautions after surgery

When Gynecomastia is a matter of concern in your life to get totally removed from it, it is better to take certain precautions so that the surgery proves successful.

Few precautions to be taken after surgery such as don’t use illegal drugs like steroids and androgens, heroin, marijuana etc. Avoid intake of alcohol or drink in moderation. If you are of medication which can cause Gynecomastia to review your medicine from your doctor for alternative medicine.

Now you know much about Gynecomastia then it’s time to take a step. Gynecomastia cause anxiety and depression. You should talk to your family or friend and tell them what you are going through to make them understand your need for the Gynecomastia treatment. By talking to your near ones you feel free from stress and take an easy step of Gynecomastia surgery to remove all your embarrassment of your body appearance.


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