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What Causes Hair Loss and How Can You Prevent It?


Hair loss is a common problem among people, that may vary on age range and is not restricted to a particular gender. Hair loss is common among both men and women, there have been a wide range of causes which are as followed:


  1. Physical Stress

Any kind of physical stress for instance if someone has undergone a surgery, or been through a rough drive, had any accident, faced trauma or even physical illness can lead to temporary hair loss. This is known as telogen effluvium. Hair also has a cycle that it follows for its growth rest and shedding. However, when someone encounters a physical event that causes some sort of difficulty to cope up from, the hair cycle breaks and leads temporary hair loss, the thinness of hair, and so on. Studies have shown that the hair loss period is temporary and hair growth starts after three to six months of recovery.


  1. Pregnancy

When women undergo the period of pregnancy, a lot of changes take place in their body, one of them and the most common one is the hair loss. Pregnancy is also considered as a mix of physical, emotional stress along with the hormonal imbalances.


  1. Excess consumption of Vitamin

Vitamin A is obviously vital for our body, it helps in growth and strengthening of eyesight and so on. However excessive consumption of vitamin also leads to loss of hair. Certain prescribed medicines also contain a large amount of Vitamin A. Usually, Vitamin A consumption for an average human being is 5,000 International Unit, the range is approx 2,500 to 10,000 International Unit. However, overdosing, or consuming an over amount of Vitamin A on a daily basis leads to hair loss.


  1. Lack of Protein

Protein-rich food for instance fish, meat, eggs, and pulses are essential for hair growth. A severe lack in consumption of protein might lead to hair loss as well. It is however reversible and could be cured if enough amount of protein is consumed.


  1. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances is one of the major factor of hair loss for both men and women. In men, it is known as the male pattern baldness. Two out of every three men experience hair loss at the age of 60. This is caused by a combination of genes and male sex hormones forming a pattern where hair sheds from the temple and leaves an empty M-shaped hairline.

If a woman is undergoing medication such as birth control or for PCOS, it can also cause hormonal imbalance, and lead to loss of hair. This cause the hair follicles to miniaturize and hair starts coming out.

Sometimes if someone belongs from a family where the members had the hair loss problem, it is possible that their offsprings are also prone to this problem Thus hair loss can sometimes be a hereditary problem as well.


  1. Emotional Stress

Physical stress leads to emotional stress causing hair loss. However, sometimes emotional stress alone, for example, depression, anxiety, and such other mental illness can cause hair loss as well.



  1. Anemia

A deficiency in iron leads to anemia. It is common among women, and it is one of the most known cause for hair loss as well.


All of these could be cured, by following few of these steps:


Hair is essential part, because we can anytime do crazy experiments with them. We can cut it short, curl it, straighten it, but in these process, the hair gets weak, and leads to loss of hair or lack of hair density, These problems however are irreversible and could be solved by following few steps, and taking some precautions:


  1. Avoid Brushing your hair too vigorously
  2. Do not use shampoo frequently
  3. Take good care of your hair while blow drying or straightening and curling, make sure you use the given hair serum in order to keep your hair in good health. Make sure to check the heat before using the hair beauty products
  4. Untangle your hair using a comb with thick and wide teeth
  5. Get a good haircut in order to avoid split ends
  6. Oiling also gives good results for hair growth and dense hair



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