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Hair transplant surgery: recovery tips

The person who is facing hair loss due to hormonal issue or other causes can go for a hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is basically removing hair follicles from one part of the body called donor site and transfer it into the bald or balding part also called as recipient site. The surgery is simple and recovery is easy.  

The recovery process certainly not affect your daily activities too much but for the healing process, certain things should be remembered.  Recovery tips help to reduce the risk of complications and gives healthy recovery from the surgery. Hair loss comes with the increasing age and if cured at the right time will save you from getting full bald. The hair transplant surgery has become popular and can be recovered fast if you follow these steps:

Avoid sweating

After the surgery, if you have open wounds they can get affected by sweating. The chances of infection increase with the increasing sweat in your hair. For about a week or at least for 10 days you should avoid exercising or performing any of the activity that gives you unnecessary sweat. Do not wear a hat or any type of scarf which can cause sweat leading to infection.

Protect your newly-grafted hairs

After the surgery doesn’t get too excited to touch and feel your new hairs but it is preferable to avoid touching your hairs. As the healing process is going on after the surgery the simply touch to your new hairline by your hands or a comb can cause damage.

This is the first thing and next thing is to not to undergo chemical processes on your hairs such as color or perm. The chemical processes should be avoided for a month after the surgery and if you want to one do it before the surgery.

Follow the instructions by your surgeon

Your surgeon will advise you instructions that should be followed after the hair transplant surgery. For a better recovery, it is ideal to follow the instructions. These mainly include:

  • Follow an antibiotic course of four days to stay away from infection.
  • Keep a check of the treated area and if swelling is seen another set of medicines should be taken as prescribed by the surgeon.
  • 10 to 14 days off, depending on the size of the area of the procedure as advised by your doctor.
  • Your surgeon will recommend you to keep away from alcohol for a week so that you can heal your surgery as soon as possible.
  • Again for a weak, you should repudiate yourself from strenuous physical activities. And when you start resuming them build up slowly and lightly.
  • Drink plenty of water and follow a normal diet.
  • After the surgery, a solution is provided to spray on the treated and the donated area. As per the instruction spray it time to time and after 3 days you can use tap water for your hairs, not before that.
  • Follow the appointments as said by your doctors.
  • Do not return to use your previous shampoo for at least one month. Before that wash your hairs vigorously with both your hands to remove the crust in the treated area. Use that shampoo only which is prescribed by the doctor.

Hair transplant is an exquisite surgery, the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai take into inspection the desire of your hair transplant and then work with all their experienced and knowledgeable. Also, for recovery, they give the written instruction that is easy to follow, simple and effective. The thing is to trust your surgeon and take special care according to their instructions.

Have patience and realistic expectations

The surgery to prove effective will take time till then you have to keep patience until your hair grows. For a successful surgery, the new grafts will start producing in three to four months. 90% of hairs will be grown after 8 months to the surgery. Also, you should remember that the hairs grow in the cycle so the new graft will not start growing soon after the surgery.

Do not panic is swelling is seen on your forehead or eyelids, it is normal to have swelling soon after the surgery for 24 to 48 hours. All type of medicines is available to take care of. Even if some kind of pain occurs in the donated or the treated area it can be cured by the pain relief. Numbness in the treated area is resolved without any intervention.

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