Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure, that is performed to restore a ruptured hymen. So in surgical Hymenoplasty procedures, the hymen layer is stitched back together, thus reconstructing a new hymen utilizing the tissues of the patient’s body. If the remnants of the hymen layer are present, then that too can be stitched back.

The hymen layer ruptured not only by intercourse, but certain vigorous exercises or tampon insertion may also rupture the hymen. So under such situations, women may wish to undergo a Hymenoplasty. Hymenoplasty aims in repairing the hymen layer to emphasizes a virgin bride.


Hymenoplasty may benefit a woman with numerous advantages, some of them are:

  • Cultural and religious issues- In some cultures, having an intact hymen is very significant and important as well to prove the chastity of women. So restoring the hymen layer can be a great help for them.
  • Psychological factor- Women who have survived sexual abuse, mostly experience a ruptured hymen. So getting a Hymenoplasty is probably the best thing, that can help them to repair the physical damage.
  • Other factors may include a woman’s personal choice, that she may likely wish to gift their partner a reconstructed hymen.

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Surgical procedure

Before undergoing the surgical procedure, the candidate needs to schedule a consultation with the doctor to discuss everything about the procedure, so that they can keep a realistic expectation from their surgery. A local or general anesthesia is administered to the patient to prevent them from feeling pain or discomfort. The surgeon then sews the torn parts together with stitches that are dissolvable and do not require to be removed. The entire surgery normally takes around thirty to forty minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Now there are situations, where the remnants cannot be stitched back together in such cases, the surgeon inserts a biomaterial into the vagina which is a tear through the material, which will function similar to the hymen layer. This procedure usually takes approximately two hours for its completion.

Another hymen reconstruction procedure includes creating the new hymen layer by using tissues from the lip of the vagina. However, such methods will require the patients to refrain from sexual activities for about three months.


The Hymenoplasty does not involve any such limitations, only that the candidates have to be very careful during the recovery period to prevent any future damage. Otherwise, like any other surgical procedure, Hymenoplasty also includes some minor side effects, that can be resolved with time. It is, therefore, the safest procedure.

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After deciding to undergo Hymenoplasty, the candidate must consult with their respective surgeon. The surgeon will discuss everything about the procedure, which includes the pros, cons, risks, everything. The medical history of the patients is also reviewed before taking the final decision of undergoing the procedure. Hymenoplasty is performed under local anesthesia and completed within half an hour. So the patients can go back home safely, on the day of the surgery.

After undergoing the procedure, the patients do not usually experience any pain, some painkillers are enough to resolve the pain. Antibiotics are also given to the patients so that they can feel normal after the procedure. A little discomfort may, however, persist for the first week, but that will 1o away.


For the complete recovery of the procedure women undergoing a Hymenoplasty requires good healing. Approximately, in three to four weeks the incisions heal and after this women may have intercourse. The restored hymen, just like the original hymen gets torn and will bleed like a virgin hymen. A minimum of two weeks is a must to heal the repaired hymen.

Procedure FAQs

QIs The Restored Hymen Similar To The Original Hymen?

Yes, the restored hymen feels and functions natural and the patient feels no discomfort.

Q If Planning For Marriage, When Should The Surgery Be Done?

The Hymenoplasty must be performed at least four weeks prior to the marriage date, to avoid poor healing and rupture of the stitches.

QWhen Can The Patient Resume Normal Activities?

The best news is, that Hymenoplasty does not involve any downtime so the candidate can continue normal activities.

QHow Does It Feel After Undergoing The Procedure?

Some pain and swelling may persist, that can be resolved with medications and other than this, women may also feel tight, for some days at the area of surgery.

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