Most of the people are bothered about those unaddressed fat pockets in certain parts of their body that never vanishes in spite of all sorts of physical exercises and dieting. So when people find no solutions for their troubles they choose to undergo various liposuction techniques that can give the desired results. Laser Liposuction was first introduced in the year 2007 with smart lipo.

Laser Liposuction is one of the greatest advancements in technology for cosmetic surgery or liposuction procedure. It is thus considered as one of the best procedures to remove the clustered fat pockets in the body without a hospital stay or a long recovery period. The laser liposuction basically breaks up the fat before removing it from the body. There are two types of Laser liposuction available in the market-

  1. External liposuction utilizes a laser outside the patient’s body before the surgery begins.
  2. Internal laser liposuction uses a laser attached to the suction device or at the end of a fibre optic probe which is inserted into the area of treatment.

However, laser liposuction is thus introduced as a groundbreaking fat removal procedure that involves the use of triple wavelength technology to get rid of all the unwanted fat cells from the body. It is not only effective for eliminating the fat pockets from the body but also responsible for skin tightening.

Laser Liposuction Benefits

  • It can effectively eliminate the local and stubborn fat pockets in certain parts of the body
  • Laser liposuction lets the surgeon apply their artistic eye to achieve the most natural appearing results
  • Unlike other liposuction techniques, laser liposuction not only removes the fat cells from the body but also tightens the skin
  • This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure
  • It also involves rapid recovery
  • The results are long-lasting
  • One of the quickest cosmetic procedure for elimination of fat pockets in the body

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The laser Liposuction procedure

Just like any other traditional form of liposuction a fluid is first injected under the skin from where fat has to be removed. This fluid contains a mixture of saline, local anaesthetic, and epinephrine which is responsible in constricting the blood vessels thus minimising the bleeding. Now that we are aware of the fact that laser liposuction is one of the minimally invasive procedures that includes inserting a tiny narrow probe of lower energy laser that is introduced directly onto the targeted fat deposits. The energy emitted by the laser destroys the fat cells and the fats are thus targeted precisely. The incisions made to insert the tiny probes are so small that hardly requires any sutures or a long recovery time. The laser probe inserted into the fat layers helps in precise targeting and rupturing of the fat cells. The surrounding tiny blood vessels are left unharmed during the procedure which keeps off any chances of excess bleeding. Coagulation may also occur in the surrounding or associated tissues which help to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production and also tightens the surface of the skin in the treated area. The tightened skin is noticeable almost immediately and continues to improve over several months.

The laser liposuction is most commonly used to treat smaller or delicate areas like face neck and the area below the chin which is more often called as “Lunch Hour Lipo” since it involves the least recovery time. The completion of the entire procedure usually takes an hour or two and is often completed earlier than that.


The laser liposuction is often referred to as Lunch Hour Lipo since it requires minimal recovery time. The patients, most of the time require a day or two to recover and then they are ready to return to normal activities immediately. However, some of the patients may experience some moderate discomfort, bruising and swelling that will resolve within few days and during this recovery time the patients must eat low sodium diet and refrain from some strenuous activities.

Since laser liposuction is performed under local anesthesia the patients can return home or even work. However, surgeons suggest their patients wear a post-surgical garment and bandages to aid in the healing procedure for one or two weeks. Though the results will be immediately visible after completion of the procedure.


  • Though laser liposuction gives the best results, this procedure is the most expensive liposuction technique available
  • There is always a risk of getting burned if the laser is mishandled
  • Some patients may have some allergic reaction to the medications or materials used during the surgery
  • There are some chances of infection, damage to the skin and surrounding tissues, death of skin and puncturing of an internal organ
  • The skin may appear bumpy or uneven if not performed by a professional practitioner

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Dr. Sameer Karkhanis is a proficient and experienced surgeon in Thane Mumbai from whom thousands of patients undergo various liposuction techniques every year. People who had undergone cosmetic procedures from him are completely satisfied and happy, want to recommend it to their friends and family. Now if you are wondering how to get in touch with such a surgeon whom you can trust then visit his very own Centre for Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery clinic where he has gained a lot of his experience and expertise. CCRS is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals that have staffs who always care about their patients. Most importantly they are updated with all the latest technologies.

Before, during and after undergoing the procedure

  • After deciding to undergo a laser liposuction procedure the candidates are made to go through certain health check-ups to ensure that they are perfect for the procedure. The surgeon may ask the patient to stop taking certain medications before the procedure. If the candidates are addicted to smoking then they are advised to stop smoking for about two weeks before the laser liposuction. The patient is advised with instructions to avoid certain complications.
  • During the laser liposuction, the candidates are administered with local anesthesia. This local anesthesia is administered in such a way that the effect may stay until the recovery since that will help to minimise the initial discomfort.
  • At the end of the procedure, the incisions do not require to be sutured since they are too small and too inconspicuous to be noticed. The surgeon may prescribe certain medications for pain, antibiotics and a compression garment that would reduce the swelling, bruising and will provide support to the skin to achieve the desired results.

Procedure FAQs

QHow many laser liposuction sessions are necessary?

Well, that depends on the amount of fat to be removed from the selected area of the body. It has been estimated that nine to eighteen sessions may reduce an average of 7 to 23 inches of fat. Now the number of sessions required will depend on the area of treatment and the amount of fat to be removed.

Q Is laser Liposuction safe?

Yes, laser liposuction is safe if done in the right hands moreover the procedure is non-invasive and the patients do not experience any major discomfort or pain.

QWhat is involved in the laser liposuction?

To undergo more than one procedure, the maximum limit is three sessions per week for about a month. Each session is for 45 minutes and that will be enough to get the desired results.

QWhen will the results be visible?

Maximum patients usually see the results after the first session itself. These results are pretty much satisfactory because laser liposuction not only reduces the fat from other areas but also tightens the skin giving a more youthful appearance.

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Chief Plastic Surgeon & the Director at CCRS is a qualified Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is Board Certified, with the qualification of DNB Plastic Surgery (Diplomate of National Board). He is an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.



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