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Liposuction is performed on various parts of the body including the face but there are people who also choose to undergo Liposuction at the ankles. Some excess amount of fat often gets stored on the ankles which is commonly termed as cankles. The deposition of fat at the ankles make the ankles look big and disproportionate. The cankles make the legs to appear straight and this condition is mostly observed in overweight and obese people. Liposuction Surgery on the ankles can help the ankles to revert to the normal shape

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The liposuction of the cankles reduces the volume of the calf and makes the lower leg appear slender and longer. In major cases, liposuction is capable of bringing down an ideal loop of the ankle that tapers all the way down. Removing small amounts of fat changes the shape of the ankle dramatically.

Liposuction can be considered as the last option that could help the ankles get back to normal shape after one has tried different methods. Only a traditional liposuction can help to reshape the legs and remove all the extra fat surrounding the ankles. The procedure can complete within an hour by any professional cosmetic surgeon and it has become increasingly popular in the recent days.

In Tumescent Liposuction the candidates are administered with some local intravenous sedation to make the procedure a comfortable one. Some incisions are made at the area of treatment. Then several liters of a saline solution with some local anesthetic lidocaine and epinephrine is injected below the skin in the area to be suctioned. This mixture helps to swell up the fat deposits and also constrict the blood vessels so that the surrounding nerves and vessels do not get affected. Then a very small microcannula is inserted and moved in a back and forth controlled motion. The loosened and liquefied fat is then vacuum suctioned out of the area.

As we know the ankle is a part of the body which is linked to many small nerves, arteries, and veins. So the liposuction must be performed very carefully and only by an experienced surgeon. However, some may even experience profuse bleeding and nerve damage or even damage to the ankle joint. But with the advancement of technology, these issues are rarely seen. .. The Patient needs to take complete bed rest for a week and it may take around 2 months to heal and feel better.

It is true that liposuction can make your thighs look better but there are certain limitations. The liposuction for ankles is only for those people who have excess fat in their ankles that need to be removed. The candidates must also have good skin elasticity so that the skin does not start to sag after the fat removal.

Though it has often been said that liposuction does not cause any complications or risks but some potential complications may exist. This is because the ankles constitute of bones and muscles. The candidates must have knowledge on the pros and cons of the procedure before undergoing the procedure.

After taking the decision to undergo the procedure, consulting with an experienced surgeon is a must. The surgeon and the patient must clearly discuss all of their goals and targets that they want to achieve and the surgeons must also have knowledge on the pros and cons of the procedure. Candidates must be in an overall healthy condition with no serious medical complications. Before the procedure, the areas from where the fat is to be removed are marked with markers.

The liposuction of the ankles is usually performed under local anesthesia so the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. At the end of the procedure, the incisions are sutured up and a small tube may be left for the drainage of the anesthetic fluid. Swelling, pain and bruising may persist for few weeks after the procedure which will fade away gradually with proper doses of medication and compression garments. Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia the patients can go back to their home after the surgery.

Procedure FAQs

Q Ankle liposuction is best suited for whom?

Ankle liposuction is best suited for those people who have a fullness at the lower part of the leg. People whose leg appear full at the bottom or exhibits a poor definition of the Achilles tendon, liposuction of the ankles is probably the best option to achieve a proportionate appearance.

Q Are there any scars?

Some incisions are made in the treated area that is usually 2-3mm wide and access holes at the base of the ankle. The incisions in most cases are not sutured to facilitate proper drainage of the injected fluid.

Q Why are supporting garments required?

This compression garment must be worn for about four to six weeks to provide support to the area treated.

Q How long does the procedure take?

Most of the surgeons are able to complete the procedure within two to three hours.

Q What is the downtime involved in the liposuction of the ankles?

In general, the patients can return to their work (if not strenuous) within three to four days. Though the recovery period may not be same for all. It can take a month to before you can resume exercises and jogging.

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