The lower section of our body is the maximum fat accumulation prone area of the body. However, even after losing a good amount of weight through diet, exercise or bariatric surgery the lower-section is still left with some stubborn fat deposits and sagging skin. This condition often makes it difficult for some people to find a proper decent fit into their clothes even after significant weight loss due to the presence of such sagging skin which makes the skin vulnerable to skin infections causing self-consciousness and general discomfort. But thanks to the advancement of plastic surgery, it offers highly effective solutions in the form of Body Lift surgery.

The Lower Body Lift is an extremely safe plastic surgery procedure for the patients with excess skin, fat and other tissues that may linger after substantial weight loss. It is also one of the highly customizable procedure to fulfil the unique needs and goals of the individual patients.

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The lower body lift procedure addresses the loose skin to be removed and the desired contour which can be sculpted and make the weight loss visible. Anyone undergoing a lower body lift will definitely get rid of certain conditions like painful chafing, rashes, and infection. A successful lower body lift usually improves the overall figure of individuals and that in-turn will give a natural and improved appearance.

The Lower Body Lift is an extensive surgery, so it cannot be performed on an outpatient basis and the candidates have to stay in the hospital for about two days. The lower lift procedure basically involves removing a six-inch belt of the skin around the waistline and lifting the lower body to fill the gap. The procedure involves tightening of the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks and outer thighs. However, the procedure is not effective in escalating the appearance of the inner thighs. The incisions are made around the body that can remove a thick layer of excess skin and fat and reposition the tissues to tighten it. At the end of the procedure, the deep incisions are sutured up with underlying tissues that help to form and support the new contours. The sutures are then bandaged or held with skin adhesives and tapes to close the skin incisions.

The scar would be visible and may often be a major concern for many patients. To make the scars less visible the location of the scars usually resembles a bikini bottom line pattern. However, the results of the lower body lift are visible almost immediately after undergoing the procedure but the final results may be visible after a year or two.

The recovery may take between two weeks to two months for the candidates and they can return to their work after undergoing a lower body lift surgery. It is very important for the candidates to follow the post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon. The instructions include avoiding strenuous activities for several months. The final results are a tight, smooth underlying skin will be visible once the recovery is complete.

Though lower body lift is one of the most effective and the most common procedure yet it involves a lengthy recovery period. Normally surgeons recommend their patients to stay a day or two in the hospital or any nursing home. The procedure involves deep long scars mostly hidden in the bikini line. Since it is an extensive surgery, there are obviously some risks associated with the surgery. Some of them are anesthesia risks, bleeding, infection, poor wound healing, fluid accumulation, changes in skin sensation, persisting pain, skin discolouration, etc.

After deciding to undergo a Lower Body Lift Surgery an initial consultation is necessary where the surgeon analyses if the candidate is suitable to undergo the procedure or not. The medical history of the candidates are revised and some physical tests may also be performed to make sure that they can undergo the surgery safely. The surgeon may ask the candidates to stop smoking for at least two weeks before and after undergoing the procedure to complete a rapid recovery.

On the day of the surgery, it is made sure that the skin is washed thoroughly  The patients are then administered with general or local anesthesia depending on the extensiveness of the procedure. After the completion of the procedure, the incisions are covered up with bandages or dressings. A small drainage tube may also be placed under the skin to drain out any excess blood.

Procedure FAQs

QWhat are regions of the body addressed by a lower body lift?

Typically the lower body lift tightens the skin and all the way around it. The surgery results may vary from patient to patient according to their needs. It may be a more or less extensive procedure.

QWhat are the risks or complications involved in the procedure?

Just like any other cosmetic surgical procedures the potential complications associated are mostly swelling, bleeding, scarring, etc.

QWhat do the scars look like?

In this surgery, the surgeons make the scars as inconspicuous as possible, so the incisions are made around the torso. This makes the incision lines hidden within clothing or swimwear. Moreover, the sutures are made as fine as possible. However, there will be some scarring which will gradually fade with time.

QWhen can the patents be able to resume exercises?

Candidates after undergoing a lower body lift procedure can resume their exercises after six weeks. Being impatient and going back to strenuous activities before complete healing may give rise to certain complications.

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Chief Plastic Surgeon & the Director at CCRS is a qualified Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is Board Certified, with the qualification of DNB Plastic Surgery (Diplomate of National Board). He is an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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