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A mini tummy tuck is also known as “scarless” abdominoplasty which is increasingly gaining popularity in the recent times. A mini tummy tuck is an excellent option for people who have a small amount of abdominal skin that needs to be removed. Candidates who have a slim abdomen and want to achieve a sculpted tummy may wish to undergo the procedure. We at thane provide the best Tummy tuck surgery, contact us to get the best treatment facilities.

Therefore, a mini tummy tuck is a variation of a least invasive tummy tuck procedure, that uses smaller incisions above the pubic region. A mini tummy tuck is a modified tummy tuck, that can tighten the muscles and remove the excess lower abdominal skin at the same time. This procedure is ideal for those people who have decreased excess skin and fat in the mid-abdominal area.

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A mini-tummy tuck helps in achieving a flatter, smoother and tighter abdominal midsection without any visible scars. The candidates with a slimmer toned body can also achieve their desired body contour. A mini tummy tuck involves the least downtime so candidates can resume their work within a few days of undergoing the procedure.

A mini tummy tuck surgery is normally performed under general or local anesthesia depending on the health condition of the patients. The length of the incisions involved in the procedure depends on the amount of skin to be removed, but the incisions made are similar to a traditional tummy tuck. Unlike a traditional tummy tuck, in a mini tummy tuck, the surgeon does not require to reposition the navel during mini abdominoplasty. Surgeons may also perform liposuction to sculpt the tummy into the desired shape.

A mini tummy tuck surgery involves a smaller incision that requires a smaller section of the abdominal wall that must be exposed. The area of treatment extends from the point of incision to the navel. After the removal of the fat, the abdominal muscles are tightened and the surgeons stretch the skin downward by excising away the excess tissue and then suturing up the remaining skin. A compression garment may be provided to support the skin and gain a new contour.

Some pain and swelling may persist for few days following the surgery. The surgeon usually prescribes pain medicine to resolve the issue. Some may also experience numbness, bruising and tiredness during that time. The procedure also involves some risks like infection, bleeding under the skin, a formation of blood clots, etc. The results are long-lasting, but the candidates need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to preserve the results.

  • To prepare for the surgery, the candidate must first choose a surgeon and get a consultation with him or her. At the consultation, the surgeon will explain everything about the procedure, the pros, and cons, the target to be achieved. Next, the surgeon will analyze the health condition of the patient and then review the medical reports
  • If the candidate smokes, then the doctor will ask them to quit smoking for two weeks before and after the procedure. This is because nicotine can increase the chances of complications and also may slow down the healing procedure
  • The surgeon will also ask the patients to maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet that can improve the healing process
  • Some restrictions on certain drugs and herbal medications may also be imposed before the surgery to deter excessive bleeding during the surgery
  • The candidate is mostly administered with local anesthesia before beginning with the procedure
  • After completion of the procedure, the incision sites are dressed up with bandages and surgeons prescribe some medications and a compression garment

The patients are usually discharged from the hospital within few hours after the completion of the procedure. Immediately after undergoing the procedure the area of surgery is usually kept bandaged and held tight with an elastic band that promotes rapid healing. The recovery time is about the two weeks after which the candidates can resume normal activities and light exercises. Severe exercises can be started after 6 weeks. Swelling may persist up to 6 months which will go away slowly. Most patients experience some postoperative pain but it can be controlled with medications that are prescribed by the surgeons.

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Procedure FAQs

QHow long does a mini tummy tuck surgery take?

A mini tummy tuck usually takes 2-3 hours by any adept surgeon, though the time depends on the extent of the treatment area.

QWhat type of anesthesia is used?

General or local anesthesia is used and that decision is taken by the surgeon depending on his personal choice and the patient’s health condition.

QDoes the procedure leave behind scars?

Yes, it does include some scars, but it may not be noticeable.

QAre The Results Permanent?

The results are long-lasting until the patient gains some extra weight. So it is very important for the candidates to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

QCan The Patients Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

The stretch marks will become less noticeable but they cannot be removed completely.

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