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If you have found your way here, than I am sure like many other people even you are tired of loose and saggy skin and are constantly found asking these questions,

Recently, I lost weight will my skin tighten up?”

“How can I get that amazing looking firm skin after weight loss?”

Well, though your tough schedule in gym and strict diet has paid off but you are again faced with a serious problem. Instead of amazingly shaped and toned body that you had always dreamt of, you are now dealing with unsightly patches of saggy and loose skin.

Basically, you have traded unwanted fat for saggy skin.

And if it makes you feel like nothing can ever correct your weight loss body contouring, however much you try, than believe me you are yet to explore amazing non-surgical ways to tighten loose skin after weight loss and get that killer charm back on roll.

So, give a good read to transform your body from loose to lean and tighten skin after weight loss naturally.

5-Step Solution to Loose Skin after Weight Loss

1.Understand the difference between loose skin and excess fat

Before you decide to embark upon the journey of loosing those last pounds of fat, which appear as saggy skin, make sure that it is loose skin only and not just excess fat. Because, you see, we all have that irritating and stubborn bundle of fat that refuses to shrink and make us compromise on our appearance. But, there are plenty of treatments for loose skin after weight loss that works magic and can help us achieve a flawless appeal.

But, the side effects and cost of surgeries and treatments can’t be ignored so why not try and deal with what’s underneath through some natural ways and once it is well treated, surely your skin will tighten up.

The best way to understanding is it’s actually skin is by pinching that area, if it feels paper-like with no resistance whatsoever, it is loose skin, else not.

2.Work towards building muscles

More the muscle, tighter the skin will be!

A lot of people confuse building muscles with getting that hefty muscle-bound look of the weightlifters. Well, they try and compensate such muscle building exercises with reducing their calorie intake in a hope of getting that well-toned figure at the end.

Well, reduced calorie intake and aerobics will definitely work to tighten loose skin after weight loss but to be true it is going to take a ridiculous amount of time. Honestly, not many people have that kind of patience and dedication and they generally back out leaving their bodies the way it is.

So, the best way is to start a weight training program to build muscles while keeping a check on your diet, I am sure you are going to get much better results. First and foremost, you won’t reduce weight as quickly as in aerobics so no chance of saggy skin, and secondly, a pound of muscle tissue is far denser than a pound of adipose tissue.

Sure this method will sound too far-fetched to those who just believe in rapid weight loss but believe me there can be no more superior method than this to ensure weight loss skin tightening.

3.Protein diet is what you are looking for

Yess! It is protein that can help your sin live a wrinkle-free and moist life that is full of elasticity!

A lot of studies have shown a high association between protein and youthful appearance and elasticity of one’s skin. If you consume low protein than your skin will not only loose it’s sheen but will also become loose.

Apart from providing radiance to your skin, protein also makes you feel fuller and helps in building stronger muscles that stays for long time.

So, include protein rich food and supplements to your diet now and say hie to firm and beautiful skin.

4.Be patient and take your time to reach your goal

Best things in life are often achieved by investing adequate time and energy!

A lot of people who aim at losing weight often just go for rapid weight reduction without paying much heed to the consequences. And this obsession with rapid weight loss results in loose and sagging skin.

Don’t just keep wondering that “I lost weight will my skin tighten up?” No, it won’t because you didn’t give your skin enough time to adapt to this brand new reduction.

Your skin needs enough time to regain its elasticity and you need to train it through sensible diets. A lot of post-menopausal women have a much harder time in losing this hanging skin as compared to those who are young. So, going slow and steady is especially advised to older ones. It might take years and not months but you will get a satisfactory result at the end of the day and you won’t be traumatized by hanging skin anymore. So, trust the skin tightening exercises after weight loss and go calm with it to win your race.

5.Water is the key

Here’s a fun fact- if you don’t keep your body hydrated at all times, it tries to retain as much water as possible to meet its requirement, making you body look bloated. So, make sure that your water intake is regular, so your body won’t have to retain all that water.

A lot of people do not drink enough water, thus their body tries to hold on to the available fluid and pushes it against the skin. This restricts the amount of weight that you can lose.

So, the idea behind keeping you hydrated is letting your efforts win the game. Also, try and stay consistent in your body weight so your body can adapt well once the reduced weight is acquired. Moreover, the skin elasticity bought by water levels is a critical factor that plays an important role in body skin tightening after weight loss.

The above mentioned ways will surely help you in getting that flawless body shape with no excess skin what-so-ever. But, as we have already understood, a sudden weight loss that you achieve after a dedicated diet and exercises may come with its own disadvantages, in this case, excess loose and saggy skin.

Here is a list of things that you can do to achieve weight loss skin tightening that too without any surgeries and needles.

20 natural ways to tighten skin after weight loss

I have met a lot of people in my life ho have invested good amount of time and money in losing weight but are now forced to deal with the excess, loose skin on their butts, thighs, belly and face. They are often found wondering, “I lost weight will my skin tighten up?”

These are the people who would not appreciate going under needles to get what they desire, so why not have a look at all the amazing natural ways available at their disposal to tighten loose skin after weight loss. Let’s have a look,

1.Collagen cream

Collagen creams are just like other moisturizers that play a great role in slowing the loss of water from the skin. They can be applied on the surface of the skin and are great for keeping ones skin supple and soft. They usually remain on the surface and are not designed to be absorbed by the skin.

These creams can prove to be a great in weight loss skin tightening, and the best part is that, one need not go through needles to get what they desire.

2.Regular massage

The revitalizing regular massage can do wonders to your skin. It not only exposes your body to natural oils and minerals but also increases your blood circulation resulting in slimmer looking body with firm skin.

3.Spa wraps

Such pampering experience of body wraps has several advantages to your body. Let’s say, if you want to achieve tighten stomach skin after weight loss just go for algae or seaweed spa wrap. It will magically detoxify your body by removing toxins from your body through metabolic skin cell stimulation.

4.Weight training

Such training on regular basis will help you keep your skin tighter and body toner. Building light muscles under your skin will also help in giving a perception of leaner and firmer body. Thus, move your attention to extensive weight training to improve your overall weight loss body contouring.

  • Lunges for upper thigh: You need to select a correct exercise depending upon the area that you are targeting. For upper thigh, lunges are the best. Through lunges, you can tighten your upper thigh and hamstring and make it look more attractive.


  • Planks for stomach flab: Hold your arms out with your legs straight and toes holding the legs up, you get the best abdominal toning. Do this daily for 20 minutes to see the wonder in action.


  • Squats for lower body: This exercise is the most amazing for the one’s dreaming for leaner lower body. With your feet stretched out to the length of your shoulder and you taking the posture of sitting on a chair, get ready to say ‘hie’ to a better lower body.


  • Crunches: Yes, they are extremely painful but what is victory without some efforts. Crunches can provide a complete abs workout if done properly. Keep your back straight with the chin level and slowly raise your torso to your knees. SPOILER ALERT: this is one exercise that you are going to feel later.


  • Bicep curls for toner underarms: One of the biggest hatred of ladies, this underarm flab can devoid you of wearing your favorite dresses. So, get ready to tone your muscles with bicep curls and it will take care of the surrounding skin.

5.Raw foods

A lot of vitamins and nutrients that play a vital role in leaning down your body are lost when the food is cooked. That is why experts suggest to include as many raw fruits and vegetables to your diet as possible. Even eating sushi and other boiled semi cooked foods are a great option to supplement your body with enough nutrients.

6.Let your diet be full of protein

Your body needs to consume lean protein to maintain its elasticity. Lean protein has collagens and other nutrients that help in providing youthfulness to your skin.

7.Food with high water content

Water plays a very important role in recovering your skin from sudden weight loss and keeping your youth fresh and glowing. Thus, it is recommended to have at least five servings of fruits and one vegetable everyday to make sure that your body is getting enough supply of water and nutrients.

8.Avoid harsh cosmetics

Avoid cosmetics that make your skin look dry even if you have oily skin (wash your face multiple times in this case). A lot of soaps contain sulfates that are popular for sucking all the moisture out of your skin, refrain from them. Apart from them avid creams containing bleach as it can severely devoid your skin from many essential oils that your skin needs to maintain its elasticity.

9.Skin firming creams

All the creams that contain vitamin A and E are amazing for your skin as it can generate elastin naturally in your skin. Especially if you aim at firm skin after weight loss, go for aloevera containing creams to restore your lean and toned body.

10.Sea salt scrubs

Mineral and sea salt scrubs right before you step into a bath are a great way to increase your blood flow and making your skin tighter.

11.Refrain from sun exposure

You need your skin to be firmer and glowing for a long period, so get ready to dedicate enough care towards it. Save your skin from the harsh UV rays from sun as it can such out water from your skin, leaving you dehydrated.

12.NO tanning

We know how much you love that tanned look and summer is the best time to sit on a beach and let your body tan for long. But beware, as it can severely dry out your skin and making those saggy pounds f skin permanent.

13.Avoid chlorine

Well, I understand that these days every swimming pool contains chlorinated water and it would become impossible to totally avoid it but remember to wash off your skin and remoisturize it every time you step out of the pool.

14.Opt for calisthenics

If you have grown bored of gym and feel that it’s not helping you much, you can always opt for calisthenics. It is a form of gymnastic exercise that helps in restoring bodily fitness and making our bodily movements smoother.

These days, a lot of calisthenics institutes concentrate on skin tightening exercises after weight loss and are proving to be extremely effective.

15.Tightening mask

Along with spa wraps, one can also choose to pamper their body with tightening masks. These are effective especially to tighten stomach skin after weight loss.

16.Almond oil

This is an age old recipe for pregnant women. They are often advised to keep applying almond oil on their stomach and thighs to avoid stretch marks and patches of loose skin after the delivery. Rubbing almond oil will make the targeted area extremely soft and firm.

So, switch to regular usage of almond oil today and see the difference for yourself.

17.Castor oil

Though castor oil is considered to be extremely hot for consumption but it has essential nutrients that do wonder for ones skin. Moreover, if it’s mixed with lemon or lavender and then applied to the targeted area, the advantages double up and the skin softens and become extremely firm.

18.Tightening astringents

There are a lot of natural astringents available around that can help in weight loss skin tightening. This time try honey and rosemary with a hint of lemon to get that youthful lean appeal.

Even having honey with warm water early in the morning is claimed to be extremely efficient in cutting down the excess fat and skin that has been hanging around unwanted.

You can also make certain masks at home and apply it to get absolutely stunning results,

  • Egg white: Egg white is an excellent natural astringent. Just whisk the white portion of an egg or two and apply it on the affected area for 20 minutes. This can be repeated twice a week.


  • Lemon: Presence of Vitamin C in lemon helps in boosting the collagen level. All you need to do is to squeeze a lemon or two and apply it all over the face and neck.


  • Honey: Honey has natural hydrating, antioxidants and anti aging properties. It helps in retaining the water in the skin while providing an amazing glow and elasticity to the skin.


  • Aloe Vera: It is counted amongst the best when it comes to getting firmer and tighter skin. The malic acid present in aloe vera helps in restoring the elasticity of the body.


  • Cucumber: One of the best natural skin toner that is considered to be extremely rejuvenating and refreshing. It tightens the saggy skin and restores the firmness for a much more youthful appeal.


Trust our forefathers and follow them when they say that yoga can cure anything and everything!

Definitely it can, this tried and tested method has proved itself in providing relief from stress and in making one’s body much more flexible and fitter.

20.Water, water!

A beauty guidance list cannot be complete without this important aspect. Yes, indeed yes, water plays an important role in keeping your body functioning and restoring your health. So keep yourself hydrated and drink anytime and every time.

These are 20 miracles that have proved its mettle to tighten loose skin after weight loss. But, every method will not work for all. So be patient and try the one that suits you the best and gives out the best result to you.

So, if you are also an enthusiastic dieter and have already achieved the weight that you were aiming for but are now worried about the by-product of such sudden weight loss, Saggy skin, you are at the right place.

Do not avoid the problem of excess skin as below are some of the problems that loose skin can generate,

Unavoidable problems with loose skin

  • Despite the weight loss, their favorite piece of garments won’t fit them or suit them the way it used to. Even when they increase the size by an inch or two, they continue to feel the flabby skin and nasty loose pounds.
  • Public embarrassment is another downside. Yes, people do stare. Even people can’t keep themselves from noticing the amount of loose flab that has been hanging from your stomach. Thus, making you feel uncomfortable.
  • A lot of fitness enthusiasts have reported that they have even suffered from depression pangs. They hated how their body looked and they became very choosy about their clothes. However much they tried, their body would just not look perfect.
  • Though, a lot of them try to be positive and try to love their body but there are times when they feel self-disgust and want to put on the lost weight to make it look better.


To find a good riddance from all such negativity towards one’s body, it is best to go about doing something for it. The natural ways just mentioned works wonder are considered to be extremely pocket friendly and healthy ways of weight loss skin tightening.

Though there are many cosmetic surgeries available that are sure to provide much faster results. But, again the problems with surgical ways are,

  • They are not budget friendly, so, not everyone can afford them
  • They may have side effects that may cause distress to the patient later.

Natural ways are slow but sure, that too with minimum side effects. So, turn your attention to amazing treasure that nature has in store and find your way to success.


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