Are you interested in having plastic surgery in Mumbai- Thane at our Clinic ?, yet fear it is impossible to manage due to your location? Fear Not! Many of our patients fly in from all over the world. Just 2 steps to a beautiful you !

Step 1: The Cosmetic Consultation

In order to make your dreams become a reality, YOU must take the first step – contact us to make an appointment for the Cosmetic Surgery Consultation. The goal of the consultation is primarily to, understand your concerns, establish expectations, educate you about the surgery in question, the process of preparing for surgery, the recovery period & the costs involved.

If you reside outside Mumbai, you can eceive a virtual consult right from the comfort of your home. The virtual consultation allows you to share information with our surgeons before you come over to our clinic.

All you need to do is send us some clinical photographs with a good resolution of the relevant areas. Do indicate what your expectations are for our surgeons to review. Do not forget to provide a full disclosure of any significant medical history. Our Plastic Surgeons shall provide you with a no obligation professional written opinion on your requested procedure, and we will send you the assessment/recommendation along with the estimate of costs involved. Please also note that the photograph assessment is only preliminary ,and it cannot replace an actual clinical assessment. Generally a surgery and the final surgery cost are confirmed only after the face to face consultation.


Step 2: Book your Surgery

Once you have finalised your procedure details and agreed on the payment terms ,all you need to do is plan your date of Surgery. You would need to get some pre-operative investigations done to determine fitness for surgery and email us the reports. You can then book your surgery date by transferring some amount as an advance towards your procedure.

You shall meet the doctor for a detailed personal consultation prior to surgery to allay all the remaining nagging fears. We have a 24×7 in-house facility and therefore encourage our patients to stay with us during the post op period. That way, your doctor is always around to see you and nursing goes a long way in the post op recovery. It helps immensely if you are traveling alone or if you do not have any relatives in the city. Food can be ordered from multi -cuisine restaurants close by.

Note: We accept all credit cards.(taxes and service charges apply)



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