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How to Pick Breast Implant Size?


Breast Augmentation, known as breast implant or ‘boob job’ is used to increase the size and enhance the appearance of a woman’s breast. In this era of beauty and cosmetic, many corrective surgeries has come up as solution to get the desired body. There are still certain things that one must keep in mind before undergoing one of such surgeries. Best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai is here to guide you through the things you might need to keep in mind before getting your breasts lift.


Breast lift varies in type and size for each woman, and it is advisable to do enough research before choosing one. If you are one of them who is seeking some advice or counseling for breast implants, you are at the right place, the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai will guide you through the steps and precautions that are needed to choose the correct type and size. The cost of implants in Mumbai may vary from a range of Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 and the cost of surgery may vary from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh.


Breast Implant Types:

Saline Breast Implant:

It is filled with saline solution and a small incision is enough to insert the breast implants into the implant pockets. It is a shorter process, takes less time, and has a high positive result, leaving a small scar that goes away within the time of recovery. If the women has very little breast tissue, the surgery is likely to cause certain cosmetical problem after the surgery has been performed. The implants are usually natural, yet could be known of if touched or not well taken care of.


Silicone-gel Breast Implant:

The silicone-gel breast implant has undergone a lot of changes and advancement throughout the several past years. The latest is the fifth generation of silicone-gel breast implants, made of semi-solid gel that prevents leakages. This prevention help in breastfeeding, however, it is advisable to talk to the surgeon for post-surgery instruction and breastfeeding if you have any doubts. Though most women have been successfully breastfeeding their infants after undergoing silicone-gel breast implant surgery.


Breast Implant Sizes:

There is no one size fit for all women, size differs for each women depending on their body type. You need to talk and consult your surgeon before undergoing a surgery. The best surgeons would have enough of counseling sessions in order to measure the implant size in Cubic Centimeters, also known as CCs and not in cups.


How Can You Determine Your Implant Size

Do not depend upon your bra size, not all bra size are same, the sizes differ with the companies. Thus it is necessary to measure it accurately. The sizes for breast implants ranges from 120ccs to 850ccs. Usually women go for a rice test where they would fill rice in the knee-high stocking and would place it on a non-padded bra. Some women also go for the Ziploc bag method where they fill in water in the Ziploc bag to get the idea of an implant size. It is necessary to know that the volume is of the breast size and not of the shape. A fair size for a beginner is 300 to 350 cc.

*Note: 300cc = .29Kg


Consult Your Surgeon:

After measuring and having a fair idea of what your size would be, consult your surgeon and have a fair idea of what would suit you better. If any risks are involved, and if the size you think you need is actually what you need.

Make sure you discuss the desired size, shape and look you want with your surgeon for the breast lifts. Many of the times the size you think is desirable for you might not be the same what the surgeon would advise you to choose as it also depends on your breast tissues. Make sure to discuss with your surgeon about how big is too big. If it is suitable for you post the surgery.


Breast implants also come in various shapes, after finalizing a size, you can go for a particular shape that would suit you, it can either be a simple round shape or a teardrop shaped implant. Round shapes are circular whereas the teardrop shaped implants provide a more natural look to your breasts after lifted. However, the teardrop shaped implants are textured in order to prevent from rotating.


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