With age, the upper legs are the most problematic area because the fat in the thigh does not respond to diet and exercise even after massive weight loss. The fat cells, cellulite and the excess skin may sometimes accumulate on the thighs and make people look heavier, older and less fit than they actually are. The saggy skin on the thighs makes people feel self-conscious about their appearances.

Thanks to the plastic surgery, as it offers the best solution to bring the thighs in shape by thigh lift surgery. A thigh lift is an excellent way that can make the thighs firmer and give a much more attractive upper leg. A thigh lift is highly beneficial for people with loose, excess skin as a result of weight loss by removing the excess skin, fat, and tissue to tone and refine the shape of the upper legs.

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On performing a thigh lift the candidates will more likely get a better grip into their clothes and most importantly they will achieve a  more proportionate appearance. The thighs will start appearing firmer and give a much more youthful appearance.

Thigh lift surgery usually begins with medications or intravenous sedation for local or general anesthesia that is administered to comfort the patients. Then the incisions are made based on the portion of the thigh and the desired degree of correction. Though the surgeons and the patient’s views are kept in mind while deciding.

Inner thigh lift incision-

For correction of the inner thigh, the incisions are made in the groin and are extended downward including the back and the thigh as well. Then the excess skin from the groin is removed by using the incision along the inseam.

Outer thigh lift-

The contour of the outer thigh lift may require an incision that extends from the groin around the hip and across the back. However, the advancement of this technique usually allow the incisions to be placed in strategic locations where the incision scars can be hidden below the clothing but the incisions can be extensive.

Finally, at the end of the procedure, some deep sutures are made of the underlying tissues that will actually provide support to the newly shaped contour. The sutures will then be covered by bandages, skin adhesive, tapes, etc. to close the skin incisions. Some glances of the result will be visible almost immediately though the final result will be visible after the swelling and bruising vanish off.

Immediately after undergoing the procedure the incisions are dressed in a bandage at the incisions and a small drainage tube may be placed under the skin to drain out the excess fluid or blood. For the first 24 hours, the candidates will more likely feel pain and some discomfort but pain medications may resolve these issues. After one week they can resume their normal activities but exercises should be resumed after few weeks. It is important for the patients to go for a follow-up check-up to their surgeons after undergoing the procedure. A compression garment may be provided by the surgeon that will support the skin and help to minimise the bruising and the swelling. After few months the final results will be visible.

The limitations may include visible scars, deflated skin on the areas of liposuction. In such cases, a secondary revision procedure may be performed to rectify the unevenness or bumps. Just like any other cosmetic surgery, the candidates may experience some complications or side effects that may include infection at the site of treatment, scarring, allergic reactions, damage to underlying structures, unsatisfactory results, etc. Though these issues can be avoided if the post-op instructions provided by the surgeon are followed minutely.

Before the thigh lift procedure, the surgeons find if the candidates are suitable for the procedure or not. The surgeon will also instruct the patient to stop taking certain medications and smoking cigarettes since that may interrupt the healing. On the day of the surgery the candidate is made to undergo various check-ups and then they are administered with local or general anaesthesia depending on the area of treatment and the seriousness of the surgery. If the patients undergoes general anaesthesia then they are instructed to spend a night in the hospital and are released when they feel fine. Though, patients administered with local anaesthesia can return back home on that day itself.  The incisions are covered up with bandages immediately after undergoing the procedure.

Procedure FAQs

QDoes the procedure leave a scar behind?

Yes, the final appearance of the scar depends on your own genetic characteristics. So the surgeons attempt to place the scars in a hidden area.

QWho is a good candidate for a Thigh Lift?

The patients who have recently lost a significant amount of fat and is currently struggling from sagging skin and desperately wants to get rid of it. They must have to be in a good health condition without any serious health complications.

QHow long does the procedure take?

Any surgeon would be able to complete the procedure within 5 hours.

Sameer Karkhanis, MD

Board-Certified Mumbai Plastic Surgeon

Chief Plastic Surgeon & the Director at CCRS is a qualified Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is Board Certified, with the qualification of DNB Plastic Surgery (Diplomate of National Board). He is an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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