Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes the fat deposits from specific areas of the body including the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, face, and neck. Liposuction techniques have evolved over time and that is why today we are left with various options including tumescent liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is considered by numerous surgeons since it is a safe procedure and provides the most effective results. The use of a large amount of anaesthetic not only reduces the pain after the surgery but also reduces the bleeding, swelling and skin irregularities and makes the entire procedure run more smoothly.

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Tumescent Liposuction can significantly reduce the unpleasant side effects of any other fat removal techniques because the anesthetic solution is a mixture of such materials that reduce the size of the capillaries during the surgery and the chances of pain, bruising, swelling that may occur later on. Since tumescent liposuction is usually performed under local anesthesia so the patients can avoid the side effects of general anesthesia such as nausea and vomiting.

  • Tumescent Liposuction has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years because it has eliminated the unpleasant side effects that were previously associated with liposuction along with a short recovery period. Though this procedure is pretty much similar to the traditional liposuction. The main difference is that the tumescent liquid is injected into the fatty layers of the skin before the fat is vacuumed out. The tumescent solution contains salt water, adrenaline, and a local anesthetic. The adrenaline shrinks the blood vessels to minimise the blood loss during fat extraction. This medicinal fluid makes the skin swollen and firm, making it easier to extract the fat. The tumescent fluid is injected is about two to six times the amount of fat to be removed.
  • During the tumescent liposuction, the surgeon first marks the area on the body from where the fat is to be removed. Next, the patient is administered with local or general anesthesia to ensure that the candidates do not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Tumescent liposuction usually involves a local anesthesia injection which eliminates the risks and after effects associated with general anesthesia. The anesthetic content in the tumescent solution helps to numb the treated area before and after the procedure.
  • Next, the surgeon administers the solution directly into the fatty deposits under the skin for the procedure and small incisions are made on the skin. A cannula is then inserted into the fatty layers through small incisions and is moved in a controlled motion. A vacuum like a device is attached to the cannula that sucks the fat from the body into a sterile collection tube. At the end of the procedure, the incisions will not be sutured up to facilitate the drainage of the anesthetic solution. An elastic garment is prescribed by the surgeon that will help to provide support for the skin.
The local anesthetic injected into the fatty tissues lasts for about 24 hours after following the surgery, this greatly minimises the post-operative pain. Once the pain starts diminishing the patients may experience some discomfort that can be managed with medications that are prescribed by the surgeon. Most of the patients are instructed to walk rather than bed rest after the procedure to enhance the healing. They may resume their exercises within a week depending on an individual’s health condition. Patients can easily resume their work if it does not involve any heavy physical activity.

However, most of the swelling usually goes off within few days and the improvements are visible within one or two weeks. The final result will be experienced after three to four months or maybe after six months.

Like any other surgery, the tumescent liposuction carries both benefits and risks. Complications may be rare and minor but there are chances of complications. The most common among them include skin irregularity, lumpiness, dimpling, loose skin, numbness, infections, and scarring. However, they are not permanent and will resolve with time.

Liposuction as a whole is not a weight loss program, so obese people are not recommended for this procedure, only people who are near their ideal weight with no serious medical issues are recommended for the liposuction procedures.

  • Anyone considering a tumescent liposuction must begin the procedure with a consultation and discuss the cosmetic goal that is to be achieved. If the surgeon considers that tumescent liposuction is the best approach to meet the target then he will start examining the skin elasticity and area of treatment of the candidate. A complete physical examination is usually performed to determine the eligibility for the procedure. The surgeon will then provide some specific instruction that must be followed before the surgery. Instructions include stopping medications like herbal supplements, contraceptive pills, blood thinning medications, etc. Other instructions may include quitting smoking for at least two weeks before the surgery as it may hinder the healing
  • Immediately before beginning with the liposuction the candidates are administered with local anesthesia and the tumescent fluid is injected into the area of treatment. Then incisions are made on this treated area and the procedure proceeds.
  • At the end of the procedure, the patients do not feel any pain or discomfort due to the anesthetic effect. The incisions are not sutured up, they are left open for the drainage of the fluid injected. A compression garment and some medications for pain and antibiotics will help the candidates to recover gradually

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CCRS is probably the best centre in Mumbai Thane where anyone can avail the Tumescent Liposuction procedure at affordable prices. CCRS or Centre for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery is Dr. Sameer Karkhanis multi-speciality hospital that aims to provide the best facilities to his patients. The clinic specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and specially Liposuction procedures. CCRS is considered the best because of the surgeons and skilled staffs it treasures, who have always been rendering their best services. Dr. Karkhanis’ main aim is to provide his patients with his best services, expertise, care, and comfort.

Procedure FAQs

QHow much does Tumescent Liposuction cost?

The cost of tumescent liposuction is based on a number of variables that includes a number of variables like the area of treatment, amount of fat removed, the experience and reputation of the surgeon. But approximately the cost ranges between $2000 USD to $8000 USD.

QIs the procedure painful?

No, since the patients are administered with local anesthesia and the tumescent fluid also consists a portion of local anesthetic, the candidate does not experience any pain or discomfort. Even though, when the anesthesia effect wears off, a medication for pain is enough to make the patients feel comfortable.

QDoes it involve any scarring?

The incisions made in the tumescent liposuction are hardly visible since they are made in such inconspicuous areas. The scars if visible will fade away with time.

QAre the results permanent?

Yes, the results are permanent unless the candidates gain further weight. Though, the removed fat cells will not grow but, there is a possibility for the nearby fat cells to grow and bring back the pre-liposuction figure. So it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after undergoing Liposuction.

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