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What is Laser Liposuction?

Liposuction in Mumbai is the most effective treatment that can remove the stubborn fat pockets permanently from our body. It can effectively address those fats which do not respond to diet or even heavy workouts. However, the development of liposuction techniques gave rise to the latest, least invasive laser liposuction procedure which is a more accurate, laser-assisted technique that has been associated with slim Lipo, Cool Lipo. It is a groundbreaking method of melting fat cells that helps to achieve a naturally contoured body and also a tightened skin to reveal a younger and beautiful skin. It can also be considered as an alternative treatment to reduce male breasts, female dangling arms, saddle bag bulges on the thighs, tummy fat and stubborn fats of other areas.

Laser liposuction executes the entire procedure by using high energy that produces a huge amount of heat which loosens the fat, making it easier to remove. The liposuction procedure is performed on an out-patient basis under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the amount of fat to be removed. Laser liposuction is commonly used to treat smaller areas and is also prevalent as “lunch hour lipo” since it involves the least downtime.

Benefits of Laser Liposuction:

  • Eliminate the local, stubborn fat pockets
  • Implementation of the advanced technologies helps to achieve a better body contour
  • Ensures fat removal with skin tightening
  • Least invasive procedure
  • The recovery is rapid
  • Results are long-lasting

Preparation for Laser Liposuction:

Candidates who intend to undergo a laser liposuction procedure must consult with a surgeon at first. The surgeon after evaluating the condition may ask you to follow some pre-op instructions that must be followed to accomplish the optimal results of the procedure. These instructions mostly include avoiding certain medication, restricting smoking and drinking, etc as they impair the healing process and thus the entire recovery period may get delayed.

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The laser liposuction is performed after administering local anesthesia to the area of treatment. Next, the surgeon will start making tiny incisions near the treatment area through which a narrow laser probe is inserted. These incisions are hardly noticeable after recovery and they don’t even require any sutures.

After the insertion of the laser probe, the fat cells are ruptured and loosened by using a powerful laser energy. The surrounding tiny blood vessels contracts due to the effect of the anesthetic fluid injected earlier and this reduces the chances of excess bleeding. Coagulation also occurs in the surrounding tissues which initiate the body’s natural collagen production. The production of collagen helps to tighten the surface of the skin, in the treated area thus providing a double benefit of losing fat and skin tightening. This entire procedure usually takes one or two hours to complete and involves the least visible side effects of swelling, bruising and recovery.


After undergoing the procedure, most of the results are noticeable, tough some swelling persists immediately after the procedure. In fact, most of the patients experience some tightness in the skin immediately after following a laser liposuction procedure. However, the final result will be visible after several weeks or even months when the swelling will go away and the skin will start producing new collagen. Patients usually take a day or two to recover and resume normal activities. However, they may be asked to wear compression garments and bandages to aid the healing.

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The risks of laser liposuction are same as that of traditional liposuction which includes skin irregularity, accumulation of fluid, the formation of infection, blisters, burns and other possibilities. Fat necrosis or chances of undesired results may also be some of the side effects of the procedure. But the good news is these complications can be avoided by choosing a trained, experienced practitioner. Laser, if mishandled can create adverse effects.

Does laser liposuction harm your skin?

The answer to the question is NO. Laser liposuction is a very safe, least invasive procedure that can remove the stubborn localised fat and additionally stimulate the collagen growth which tightens the skin. So there are no chances for the skin to be harmed, provided you are undergoing the procedure from an experienced, well-trained surgeon or practitioner. Undergoing the laser liposuction procedure from an inexperienced practitioner from any fancy clinic may cause damage to the skin since the laser energy produces a large amount of heat which if overexposed can burn the skin. So patients must be very aware of certain points before cherry-picking a cosmetic surgeon to undergo laser liposuction.

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