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What to do to minimize pain after liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes small to moderate localized deposits of fat. It has elicited excellent results in past and continues to be the most popular cosmetic surgery in Mumbai

If you are planning to go for liposuction, you must be wondering about the kind of pain to expect and how to curb it or manage that pain. It is always a better idea to be well-informed in advance and expect the realistic things out of a surgery. Though doctors are going to provide you enough medication and self-care tips but it always helps to be ready for one’s own help.

Pain after liposuction

Patients are given a series of post-surgery instructions. The amount of pain caused will depend upon the type and amount of anesthesia used. Liposuction surgery in Mumbai that is performed under intravenous sedation doesn’t cause much pain and hardly required any medication to curb down the pain. But the ones who are operated under general anesthesia will experience more pain and are usually prescribed pain-killers and other medication.

Managing the pain

Liposuction recovery can be accelerated through some very simple techniques. Just like any other surgery, the key is to keep a close check on surgery and religiously following your doctor’s advice. Below are some points to remember to fight the pain after liposuction,

  • Pain is generally most intense 2-4 days after the surgery and then it gradually lessens, so do not overdo any medication to curb that extra pain.
  • Tenderness and soreness usually fades away on it’s own so do not try and heal it through some home remedies.
  • In case you are planning to try some new pain medication, discuss it first with your doctor to be sure.
  • It is prescribed to avoid pain-killers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil etc for the first 15 days. These medicines can augment drainage and bruising and might slow down blood clotting. They may also increase the chances of bleeding during surgery. So, refrain from taking anything without your doctor’s advice.
  • Along with these, over-the-counter supplements should also be avoided as they may slow down blood clotting. Such concern is high in supplements containing Vitamin E, but other herbal medicines also have the same effect. SO, make sure to not try anything new on your own during healing and trust the doctor’s prescription only.
  • The patent will be provided a compression garment for swelling and additional support for the areas that have undergone liposuction. These things also help at great length in minimizing pain and discomfort.
  • The operated area might lose any kind of sensation for a brief amount of time but the swelling may persist. So, do not try to use any hot or cold compressors as they may result in frostbite or burns to the area.

Apart from these simple routines, also remember to follow these self care tips,

  • Movement– Basic movement like walking and doing normal activities helps your muscles and fascia to recover fast from liposuction. It mobilizes the body fluid, especially the lymphatic system.
  • Massage– Regular massage on the operated area will help reduce the swelling faster and would tremendously reduce the pain. Keep such massages low in beginning, but once you get accustomed, you can increase the time.
  • Staying Hydrated– Just like other surgical techniques, even liposuction leads to internal fluid shifts. By consuming a lot of liquid, you basically help your body in maintaining its overall internal hydrations and healing faster.
  • Anti-inflammatory– Anti-inflammatory creams like arnica based creams should be used to massage the operated area to reduce the swelling. But, remember, anti-inflammatory might lead to excessive bleeding so make sure you check with your surgeon.

Apart from following the above mentioned ways to minimize the pain, you must also remember to stay away from strenuous activities for at least a month. Usually people who have taken IV sedation return to their normal life much faster than people who have been operated under general anesthesia.

Moreover, patients with general anesthesia experience more nausea, pain and chills and are prescribed more medication to curb their pain.

But, at any time, if you feel uncontrollable pain, you must visit your doctor at once and get the doubts cleared.

So, keep a tight check on your recover to have a great life post-surgery


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